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Wizardd setup

The MixThe Mix Posts: 2
edited March 2009 in Configuration Wizard
Hi guys.
after reading a lot of the fantastic things on these pages I have to post a question. I did a proper gain structure and put up a mesure mic, turned on The Wizard and pinked my PA. The result was that The Wizard set all the filters and everything else. I have a DRPA and very custom speakers.
Therfore all settings were \"custom\". How did the DRPA know what to do. It sounded much better than before. (probably due to \"before was awful :oops: )

I would also like to know if you have any ideas about set up for my speakers, just to compare with what I have done, I would like to see if I am on the right path......

I have 2 2x18 subs, 1500W RMS/sub 30-300Hz, 104dB, 4 ohm
driven by 2x Behringer EP2500 in bridge mode (2400 watts each)
BW18 35Hz, LR24 90Hz

2x2x15 top, 1000W RMS/top 40-3000 HZ. 99dB, 4 ohm
Driven by a TA amp 2x1400W @ 4ohm
LR24 95Hz, LR24 2kHz

2 x 2 inch compressiondriver With horns (3 inch voicecoil)
1kHz - 20kHz, 105dB, 8 ohm. 100W RMS @ 1kHz
Driven by TA amp 2x160W @ 8 ohm
LR24 , 2kHz
I have learned that I am a bit underpowered, but who isn´t?
I have so far never been close to clipping points when playing. The PA is far to loud...
What say you ? Does it seem fairly right?
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