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VRX932LAP + VRX918SP with DR 260

Are there downloadable settings available? I'm using 2 mains and 2 subs per side, in stereo. Any hints on setting up?


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    So here we are, 6 weeks after my original post and no responses at all. Does that mean that no one is reading the forum or no one knows the answer?

    I've used the settings for the VRX932LA but seems to be less than satisfying for the LAP. Maybe I just use CUSTOM and be done with it??
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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Yo James....
    I am sorry... this is primarily a novice populated site... there are those that stop by from time to time like Mikey and Dennis that are SMAART certified and are knowledgeable in the higher end gear( not really JBL fans though...) but you are in a typically \"newbie\" site here...

    The PSW:
    Has a far higher volume of pros that might be able to answer your questions...I know I posted a comment there about the system @ my sons venue(10 X VRX 932 and 8 X VRX 918... ( and it really wasn't an overly positive one ) and got a couple responses...they had some recommendations as well as I recall... I'm NOT a big JBL fan eitherand that pretty much goes for the VRX as well....

    I presume from your post you have tried the JBL pro site tunings for the VRX and were as unimpressed as I was?....
    Anyway, see if that helps...
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    DennisDennis Posts: 801

    Every so often, a post will manage to fly under the radar here and no one sees it.

    None of the tunings on the JBL website for VRX make any sense to me. Use the JBL suggested XO point(s) and then tune by ear or possibly auto EQ. VRX sound much better unEQ'd than with JBL tunings. Experiment with the \"shading\" switch on the back of the 932 as you tune.

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