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Gain help for 260

blochlineblochline Posts: 5
I have read the \"gain structure\" described in the read me first section but have some questions since my system is a bit different.

I am using the 260 in a consumer system were the preamp is RCA to XLR which I assume has lower gain. My amplifiers have a fixed gain with no attenuation adjustment.

The 260 gain jumpers(inside the unit) are default.

When connected if I adjust the input level to get the meters in the yellow with my preamp gain set near max volume I have too much gain out of the 260 such that my music volume is too high(amps appear to be too sensitive). To counter this I adjusted crossover gains down to near min and I want to confirm this is the proper adjustment or am I missing something. This of course sets my output meters to a point where they just barely flicker(2leds) near max output.

Any help is appreciated


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    OK. The setting of the gain structure is to assure that you don't clip the amps AND to set all components (before the amps to make thing simple) to be at -0- at the same time. Once you do this, the mixing console's master volume should be reduced to produce the volume you seek.

    So.... with amps disconnected (or off)
    mixer - at clip
    driverack input and output meters @ +16db (that's 6db headroom in the DR).
    Use mixer output to control volume.

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