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DR 260 and smaart v6 control

apradaaprada Posts: 6
I am having issues using the Driverack 260 with smaart v6 /windows vista 32 bit, below I listed some issues.

*Slow to show EQ settings in smaaart v6 both inputs and outputs.
*inputs showed EQ with the 31.5 Hz band staying at -12dB after all bands resetted to 0dB.
*outputs seem to be harder to get them to show in smaart (very slow) and when they show they are all at 19.7 Hz,6.53 oct and at -12dB with \"bypass all\"engaged (this appears to happen when opening the external device for the first time in smaart) and yet another strange thing is that at first the \"bypass all\" has no effect and if I click on the filters they All engage(?). After using a few parametric filters, using the \"all flat\" command, eq shows flat on smaart, but dsp is not affected,only \"bypass all\" engages dsp. At one point after having smaart with the filters showing all flat, the dsp was actually with its filters engaged (confirmed by the dsp's screen and I could hear the effect using pink noise) and only by using the filters in smaart was I able to \"sync\" both smaart and the
dsp, sometimes using \"all flat\" only flattens smaart but not the dsp (later on I found out that clicking on the filters will engage them)
*when opening system control it is very slow to show the settings. When I click on the crossover tab and go back to the inputs tab, the input mixer resets to 0 on both channels and on both inputs, this is potentially destructive as It would raise levels suddently.

with all this issues it is almost impossible to control the 260 with smaart v6, are there any new vista drivers?
I could not find any, and I am using what come with smaart.

thanks in advance


  • DennisDennis Posts: 801
    I haven't connected my SMAART rig directly to a 260 so I might not be a whole lotta help. I use SMAART but enter info into Driveware manually. It sounds like you are experiencing a Vista issue. If no one here comes up with an answer, post your question on the forum at http://www.rationalacoustics.com

    In addition to your question, post all of the details of your SMAART rig and how you have connected everything.

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