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Drive Rack 260 Mono configuration.

bullfrogbullfrog Posts: 10

Can anyone please walk me through the steps of configuring my drive Rack 260 to run in Mono. Or can you even do it efficiently and still use the subharmonic synth, and the anti feedback suppression?
Your help is greatly appreciated.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Yes of course you can...the 260 can sum the inputs and send them to all or one of the outputs...You need to use the \"config\" mode to do this... It's easiest using the GUI... then you should probably go to the Driverack training modules
    and view the Driverack 260 driveware tutorial...
    Why the Sub harmonic synth..I don't like or need it...
    See the READ ME FIRST BEFORE POSTING section...it has lots of setup tips and tricks...
  • bullfrogbullfrog Posts: 10
    Sorry Guys I wasn't very clear on what exactly I wanted to do. I want to run the drive rack in Mono. Mono out from the mixer into Right insert on the drive rack. I want to run 1 monitor mix into left Chanel insert of the drive rack. I want my tops (2 Yamaha S215V's) to run out of output 1, and i want my subs (2 Yamaha 218V's) to run out of output 2. I want 1 monitor mix to run out of output 3. I am running the GUI, but i cant figure out how to set it up that way and still use the subharmonic synth, and automatic feedback suppression.

    Tnax in advance, any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Assuming that you what to have two mono (completely different) sources, you need to un-link all the pre-x-over modules and select which 2 you want on each input.
    You really should go the the training module tab above and do the 260 tutorial. But, yes, you can do exactly what you seek.

  • bullfrogbullfrog Posts: 10
    Man you guys are awesome!!!
    I really appreciate all your help. I did the drive Rack training tutorial at the top, and learned how to navigate everything, sum inputs, route outputs, and use the utilities. I also spent some time in the \"read before posting\" and learned a lot. I wish i had opened it before posting. Hence the name right....Anyway, thanx guys.

    Happy Mixing.
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