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How do you link outputs?

DraDra Posts: 3,777
Well I figured it out, but will spread the wealth.
My set-up:
Input A - FOH
Input B - Mon (1 mix)

In situations where only one monitor cab is needed and I want to have an exact match, including volume at the mix position of what the performer is hearing, I will set up a monitor on output 5 and a monitor cue on output 6. This allows me to use the mute button to instantly access the monitor mix and instantly kill it.

I have always had to set up two output and mimic the one to the other, which is time consuming and problematic if not careful. I tried linking the 1x1 filters (they won't), I tried 2x2 filters, but you can't assign the input to anything but Stereo (A & B). I knew there had to be a way. Well, there is.

Select the filter you want. In my case 1x1 for output 5. Assign it to input B. Select 1x1 for output 6 and assign it to input B. Now simply link the post x-over / filter modules (PEQ, limiter, etc).

All modules can be linked EXCEPT:
Mixer inputs
X-overs / Filters
Output channels

Note: Linkable modules must be adjacent. For example, \"1\" can link with \"2\", but \"1\" cannot link with \"3\" (unless \"2\" is also linked). Modules can be intermingled between A & B inputs (linked post-PEQ between low output of A and high output of B. :shock: :? Not that you'd want to.

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