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Connection of QSC Sub(s) w/ Driverack PX

DJCarolinaDJCarolina Posts: 2
edited May 2009 in Connectivity
I have a Driverack PX. My question pertains to the connection of my system using this system.

I know how to connect my tops, so this is about subs:

Using a Single 18\" Subwoofer

I can choose in the settings for my setup configuration whether I'm running mono (one) or stereo (two) subwoofers. I have been choosing two subwoofers and connecting the Left AND Right outs into the single sub, giving it both signals.

If I choose single, mono, I know the DR will consolidate all sound into just the right output jack, HOWEVER, will I be getting the sub's full potential by only connecting to it's left hand jack and leaving the right input disconnected? Is this the correct way to make best use of this system.

Using Two 15\" Subwoofers

I obviously select, 2 subs but should I:

A. Run both left and right outputs into the left and right inputs of one sub and then daisy chain the signal from that sub's output into the 2nd sub's inputs?


B. Connect the left output from the driverack to the left input of the left sub and the right output from the driverack to the right input of the right sub (leaving one connection disconnected on each sub?)

Finally what about 3 18\" subs?


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    All of the above work. (However, I would not do the \"Y\" thing. Not that it doesn't work, just that it is the long way around.) Personally, I'd set up however is easiest for the placements of your speaker and the available cables.

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