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What is the best cabling for interconnection?

desiBeldesiBel Posts: 18
edited May 2009 in Connectivity

I was just curious about what wiring would be best/optimum to use for interconnection between the mixer L/R outs to DRPX inputs.

I just purchased some Van Damme pro patch cable, which I think (hope) are balanced, but the overall diameter is quite low, so I'm not sure if this will effect signal transfer?

Can anyone please recommend an industry standard?




  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I like 22 awg when I can get it and double pairs. 26 awg and smaller (bigger numbers) should be avoided for cable runs.

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Surprisingly... a good deal of skepticism follows where esoteric cables are concerned... external diameter is NOT a good indicator of cable quality. As Dra said 21-22 gauge (center conductor) is a good conductor size if for no other reason than the strength it lends to the cable....smaller diameters are susceptible to stretching and fractures...A more important factor is the shielding that exists around the center conductors...

    Some would indicate that silver, gold, or at the very least oxygen free copper is necessary for proper termination, or signal flow...the truth is, while the precious metals make it easier to maintain non corrosive connections, there is little or no agreement in the pro-audio community that esoteric metals make better cables.

    I usually stick with Belden, whirlwind, Hosa, Pro Co....I seldom opt for Mogami, or even Monster... I just don't see the benefit...

  • DennisDennis Posts: 801
    If, for some reason, you decide to go with precious metal connectors, stick with the same flavor. Don't mix silver and gold because that can cause corrosion...especially in racks where the cables are never disconnected. The two different metals will react with each other.

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