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Ok, The cats out of the bag...here's the skinny...

It wasn't supposed to be announced till NEXT Monday...So Sweetwater and Harmony jumped the gun...I was in the initial announcement group along with the dealers but I was one of the last notified... I have been given the whole skinny now and I have been assured it was a simple oversite, and not a slight because of my dislike of another Harmon product that SHALL remain named...jbl, and if blose was a Harmon company ... they too would be named... :twisted: so I guess they were anyway... hey don't get me wrong there are other real pariah's in the speaker business, and the fact is it's nearly impossible to get a speaker worth a CRAP for under $500! It's just that no one is really \"resting on their laurels\" like JBL... and blose is simply good sales through marketing and lawsuits!
NOTE: This is SOLELY the opinion of this writer, and DBX is not responsible for the opinions stated here nor do they coach, or attempt to change or alter my comments in any way!

So... this new DRPA isn't just a flashy new front panel on an old platform, there are true advancements here! this will be the nearest thing to a \"press a button\" and your all set... that there is to date! Here's a few highlights...
1. A much more complete setup wizard.. that will lead you through the complete set up process.
2. Downloadable upgrades, at this point only mostly speaker tunings.
3. The Auto EQ is all new and takes only 11-12 seconds and DOES NOT blow ANY frequency band off the grid... and always elecits better sound than without it...
4. Auto level matching... with outboard amps the tolerances on input gain controls is about 5%... on the powered speakers it can me MUCH MUCH different.. up to a 20-30% difference in level.. the auto match will ...well MATCH the levels.
5. No turn off thump... I have been assured it never was the output stage crashing that caused the thump... it was the DSP section crashing...so a circuit to keep the DSP powered long enough for the output amps to dissipate was incorporated...
6. Front panel mutes per output... the cool thing here is, you can mute channels and Auto eq them one at a time... simply by engaging the mutes!
7. Tons of new presets... and the cool thing, DBX went out and BOUGHT $30,000 + of the most popular speakers and amps and went through the process of doing Xovers, per the MFG specs, amp sensitivity setups, even PEQ's where appropriate, proper HPF and LPF per MFG specs and interactive with the amps so if the operator sets the specified amp sensitivity, and sets up the speaker per the recommendations the LIMITERS will, actually limit prior to amp exhaustion... you can even enter the amp attenuator setting you are using... and it will automatically compensate the XOVER gains to match!

Now there is going to be the age old questions like... why not add Peak stop limiting...and other upgrades to the platform... like more PEQ's ...the answer... as I have been telling you all along is Processor power... Yes, they could have added that feature, but NOT with the processor they are using, and NOT at the pricepoint the DRPA is targeting...

Look for big things in the future form DBX folks, DBX was a back burner part of the Harmon company and taking back seat to a corporate \"cash cow\" for the last 6-7 years... this is no longer the case.. DBX is now in the drivers seat and it's full steam ahead...Yes I have been given a WHOLE lot more info than this on what is in store, but I have been asked to keep this quite till the appropriate time... and I will.. unlike SOME others that can't keep their mouths SHUT!

Suffice it to say that the future looks bright for us here as DBX users! lots of cool new upgrades and products on the line... the DRPA+ is in pre production as yet and not shipping but will be soon...My order is in and I will be one of the first to have one...

This should be COOL!
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