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Driveracks availible none...????

AndersAnders Posts: 3
edited September 2009 in 400 Series General Discussion

System setup:

480R - 480 - 480 - 442

I´ve set the first 480 as master and the following as 1 and 2
The terminators are in place as they should be, and everything is connected via the rj-45 with CAT5 awg 24.. all the green lights are lid..

in my MASTER 480 , i cannot see any availible driveracks anywhere...??
The 480R says \"box not found\" no matter what number i type on the keypad..??

My question is: Do i have to use speciel rj-45 cables..?? Should they be \"crossed\" in any way..??

Or what am i doing wrong...

Please help


  • ANYONE...?????
  • Hi Anders,

    These connections do simply require standard straight through Cat5 cables.

    These connections should be connected like this:

    480R \"From dbx480P power Supply\"-->480P \"Link To dbx 480R Remote\".

    480P \"Link To Network Master\"-->480 Master \"Controller In\".

    480 Master \"Thru\"-->480 ID 1 \"Input RS485 Control Bus\".

    480 ID 1 \"Thru\"-->442 ID 2 \"Input RS485 Control Bus\".

    Have you tried configuring the other 480 device as the master?
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