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Substituting Amplifiers in Setup Wizard

SouthbassSouthbass Posts: 2
edited June 2009 in Configuration Wizard
I am using a DRPA with the following equipment:
1-Behringer PMP 5000 powered mixer (not using powered outputs)
2 Yamaha C115V's;
2 Yamaha C118V's;
1 Crown XLS 802;
1 Crown XLS 5000.

My question is that since the XLS 5000 isn't listed in the Wizard, do you think substituting the QSC RMX5050 would be an effective workaround? The power specs match up, but the sensitivity specs are given on different bases:
QSC RMX5050: Input sensitivity at 8 ohms-1.42V (+5.3 dBu); Voltage Gain-64X (36 dB) http://www.qscaudio.com/pdfs/Specifications/RMX_spec.pdf
Crown XLS 5000: Input sensitivity at 4 ohms-1.25V; Voltage Gain-not specified. http://www.crownaudio.com/amp_htm/xls.htm#specs
In playing with this, I came up with a voltage gain for the Crown being 68X :?: but I'm not really comfortable with that answer. Even if I was, are the gains of these two amps close enough to substitute?



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