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V 1.60

u1176u1176 Posts: 6
What is new in 1.60?


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Simply more/newer amp and speaker selections for the setup wizard..
  • u1176u1176 Posts: 6
    That is what I was hoping as had been discussed here.
    Just find it odd that I could not find this information anywhere else.
    I would also like to see this list in publication as opposed to on my menu during configuration.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    The \"upgrade\" spoken of in that thread will be a more significant upgrade than just a software/equipment (speakers/amps) upgrade like the v1.60 upgrade...this will be an overhaul.. what SPECIFICALLY are you looking for?
  • u1176u1176 Posts: 6
    Well I am under the impression that QSC's RMX line and Crown's XLS 802 was added.
    I'd like to see QSC's PL2 series, as well as their older MX series, around here it's really QSC land.
    I would also like to see JBL's older classic boxes as well as their SR Series II line specifically the SR4277A.
    As a pipe dream my Apogees would be nice but I dont see it happenning before portable handheld tractor beams.
  • DennisDennis Posts: 801
    Did you mean SR4722A? There are a lot of tunings for old SR stuff on the JBL website.

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Well, your NOT going to find ANY tunings for boxes that are not bi-amp capable...( I see the SR722a's are, but they are too old for JBL to even provide any info.. were lucky to get a spec sheet) you might find some for boxes that are current that the MFG provides an HPF/LPF for a top/sub setup but your not going to find ANYBODY.. but us here... that provides info on those old dinosaurs...and then you need to specify all the info necessary for those setups...

    ****NOTE**** if the manufacturer won't provide the specs.. DBX WILL NOT provide any either...ONLY and I mean ONLY MFG specs are used for the setups in the Driverack products, except for powered speakers in the PX and DRPA+ platforms...

    We, however have no such limitation or compunction to prevent us form doing so...

    Look, the info provided for the setups you seek are provided by the EQUIPMENT manufacturers, or it's NOT provided...You can do the same by visiting their website, or contacting them about said tunings... but don't be surprised when they turn a deaf ear to you...but fear not.. this isn't rocket science...all you need to do is look at the speakers 3db down point (if you think you can believe the specs that is) and the power available and extrapolate from there.. thats what we do here...

    A quick perusal of the info available indicates that the SR4722A is a 12\"2 way, with a 1.2K crossover and a 1\" exit titanium driver that is 10db down @ 50hz...to 20Khz...useless specs in my opinion, but I bet you could get 90hz to 16K roughly out of them fullrange.. and I'd suggest a crossover closer to 16Khz if you want that horn driver to last in a bi-amp setup...

    Again, a quick perusal of the QSC site elicits a input sensitivity of about 1.0volts rms across the board (MX700, .96 Vrms, MX 1500, 1.05 Vrms, MX 2000a, 1.07 Vrms, and the MX3000a @ 1.00 Vrms... But in a real world situation if you set the gain structure the input sensitivity is academic anyway, since the amp sensitivity is set in the gain structure...If you absolutely HAD to have a spec... look it up at the MFG site and input it.. but you'll end up messing with the crossover gains in the Driverack.. and that could cause you to have to overdrive the Driverack...or compromise your signal to noise ratio...

    I just looked, and as expected, the PL2 series amps are also listed, and the +4 specs are about 1.2 Vrms depending on the gains and the input impedance...(4 or 8 ohms...) So the info is there and there isn't really any mystery about the setups.. you just need to interpret the data... correlate with the available power...If you have a question about a particular setup.. post it here and we'll walk you through it... but don't expect presets for equipment from companies that won't provide the info necessary for the setups...

    And what Apogee products are you speaking of... to my knowledge they are mostly mainframe clock products for digital applications????

    I think your making a whole lot of something out of nothing...

    Site moderator...were here to help, so let us...
  • u1176u1176 Posts: 6
    Dennis wrote:
    Did you mean SR4722A? There are a lot of tunings for old SR stuff on the JBL website.


    Yeah sorry they are, I thought that looked weird when I typed it.
    And yes Everett and the service team down there have been really good at scanning almost all of the "vintage" literature.
  • u1176u1176 Posts: 6
    Gadget wrote:
    And what Apogee products are you speaking of... to my knowledge they are mostly mainframe clock products for digital applications????

    You are confusing Apogee Digital with Apogee Sound two completely different companies. I have the AFI-4's.
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