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Zone Pro Output Text/CSV File?

electronjunkieelectronjunkie Posts: 3
edited July 2009 in Software Control
It would be very nice to have a printable text output file for labeling and installing the Zonepro 1260/1261 and 640/641, that listed the output and input labels, and the Zone Controller addresses and parameters.

The installer would use this text file as a printout on site to wire and label all ZC's and Input/output channels.

Instead of having to pull up the file on my pc everytime there is a question.

Yes screenshots are about the only way to do this but that is a PITA!


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    I also emailed tech support with this question. I got a reply. I emailed them again about getting specs on the zpd files and haven't heard back.

    Looking into this further I think I can write a simple Perl script to parse a zpd file to grab the inputs, outputs, and zone controller types and addresses. That part is actually easy. I verified the hex headers for each field using a binary diff of several zpd files.

    I need to know now how to distinguish the associations of the ZC to their inputs and outputs, and the associated functions for things like the ZC-3/8. Reverse engineering that info is tough and I'd rather forward engineer it using info from DBX first.

    So far I haven't got any info from DBX tech support on their ZPD file format. If they give me some info on this I'll write a Perl script or C program and make a windows executable from it to do this. I would then be happy to share this utility with anyone interested.

    Screenshots are a half-assed way to do this and have been really difficult to deal with on this latest property involving three Zonepro 1261's. Every time the customer changes their mind I gotta redo the screenshots. Its tough to put the screenshot into our jobdoc when done too. they don't print very well and the text is hard to see.
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