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Config Question

keyman88keyman88 Posts: 32
I am running my mixer mono and have 2 jbl srx715 tops running biamped. I am using 1 qsc plx 3402 in bridged mono/ top (as recommended by Gadget) for the mids and 1 qsc plx2 1804 for the highs(using just 1 channel of the amp for both horns as the amp puts out 600w/side and the horns only need 150watts each).
I am also running 1 EV qrx 218 sub powered by 1 qsc plx 3402 bridged along with a yorkville powered ls800p.
Originally Gadget suggested a 1x5 setup for channel A with one sub on channel 4 and the powered sub on channel 5 and use a bandpass for channel 6 for monitors. That leaves channels 1,2, & 3 for the Highs & mids of which I believe I only need 2 channels for that since I'm running everything mono. I'm slightly confused, but here's what I think I need to do and please let me know if this sounds right.

Channel A .....1x4 (since I'm running mono)
3-Powered Sub
4-EV 218 Sub

Channel B
5-monitor 1
6-monitor 2
Does this make sence?
Also I loaded in the settings for the Jbl srx 715 biamped with a Sub and it loaded in PEQ settings and Gadget had mentioned to me previously that I could change that to a GEQ if I wanted....is working with a GEQ better than the PEQ settings loaded in by the JBL pro site?
Thanks....much appreciated.


  • keyman88keyman88 Posts: 32
    When I loaded in the settings from the JBL pro site, I saw the crossover points etc...but when I changed the config I guess you have to put the settings in by hand again....is this true?
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Hi Gary...

    Gary here (Gadget) 8) ya what you listed should work fine...

    Didn't the JBL settings load to the POST xover PEQ's? or are you saying that the PEQ's were on the 9 band input PEQ?

    When you set up a preset and want to store it you need to press the store button 3 times... you will be prompted to:
    Select a location for the new preset
    Select a name for the new preset
    Are you sure you want to replace existing preset...

    Answer these and the third press will store the preset...and the red light goes out...

    Did you do that?

    When ever you change a preset, and the red store light comes on, you need to store the changes for them to be recallable...

    As form your other question, PEQ's are far more musical than GEQ's and more accurate...once you get used to how they operate and settle into the adage \"broad changes versus surgical narrow ones\" you will see you can have more, and subtler effect on the sound, with less interference and phasing from the filters...

  • keyman88keyman88 Posts: 32
    Hi Gary (Gadget)
    Yes the PEQ was post xover...my mistake...stupid question.
    When I loaded in the setting from JBL it gave me a 1x6 (below) and all of the PEQ and xover settings were in there.
    high left
    high right
    low left
    low right
    sub left
    sub right
    when I changed it to a 1x4 and saved it with 3 pushes of the \"STORE\" button it saved the configuration but obviously it can't keep the same settings since what was originally \"high right\" is now \"low Right\".I had to unlink a few things and now the xover points & PEQ's are gone. Is there a way to load them into a 1x4 or do I have to write them in by hand off of the pdf files I downloaded from the JBL site
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I believe I just emailed you a .dwp file that will do what you want.. I'm uncomfortable using dissimilar subs to cover the same frequencies... so I set one up to do the low stuff (pick the sub that has the lowest 3db down point, and or most power) and one the 50 hz to 100 hz stuff...All the PEq's and limiters are in place and your set up for stereo...

    It's simply a matter of going to the download section, selecting the SRX725 tunings for the 260 and selecting the SRX725B.dwp file and downloading it.. I like to set up a folder on the desktop and load them into that file...then select upload program and select that file from the desktop...

    Let me know if it's what you wanted...feel free to use and modify the file I sent...

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Just realized I used the SRX 725, not 715, I sent another email...
  • keyman88keyman88 Posts: 32
    Thanks....I got it and I'll give it a try and let you know.
    p.s. I will be getting a set of the same subs to use soon.
  • keyman88keyman88 Posts: 32
    First of all, thanks for all your help. I loaded in the settings for the Jbl 715's and the xover and PEQ info was there, it was just that when I unlinked them I needed to copy & paste them in the right spots.
    I just rewired the system for Biamp instead of passive and turned everything on and cranked up a cd to try it out.....WOW! Biamping made such a huge difference. It's unbelievable.
    I want to ask your opinion, When I just tried it out I used only one amp to power the mids (plx 3402 bridged) and ran both jbl715's with it. It puts out 3400w into 4 ohms so each speaker should be seeing about 1700w which seems like a good amount for these speakers which are rated @800w It was really loud and the amp wasn't getting close to clipping. I do have another one of these amps but It makes my wiring much more simple with one amp and I don't really have room in my main rack to put in a 4th amp so I would have to bring out a secong rack for the extra amp....what's your 2 cents on this?
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    YA, hard to believe that bi-amp could do that huh? Kinda like a whole different speaker system! Na your ok with that setup, just remember that the \"peak\" headroom isn't there, so I'd set the limiters up in manual, peak stop plus mode...(not auto)

    If you have the measurement mic, and some savvy, get the delays set properly and even use the pre delay to back the mains up to the loudest thing on stage!
    Your welcome... :wink:
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