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Outgrown PAs upgrading to 260

VicKasicaVicKasica Posts: 2
Hi Guys,

I have been keeping up with forum for ome time now.
My system is FOH four way DJ set-up.
Im using two PAs one for low sub and the other for mono mid bass and stereo mids, highs. It's time to pick up a 260.

Speakers: JBL 2 - VS-3218-9 Triamp
JBL 3 - SR-4718X

Amps: QSC 3 - PLX 2402 Bridged into four ohms 28hz/63hz 24BW
QSC 1 - PLX 3002 Bridged into 2-8 ohm mid bass 63hz/500hz 24LR
QSC 1 - PLX 1602 Stereo into 8 ohm mids 500hz/2khz 24LR
QSC 1 - PLX 1202 Stereo into 16 ohm horns 2khz/---24BW

I have some questions about running the 2402 amps bridged into 4 ohms or getting maybe one PL 6.0 and running 2 ohms per channel normal. I will be adding a fourth SR4718X when I can pick it up. At that time I would need another 2402 or replace all the 2402s with a PL 6.0.
I am running this system in my home so I'll never realize full power. The normal listening level for me is 1% power on the amps LEDs. Note that a few minutes at a higher level between 1-10 % I notice that the 2402 amps start pumping out the heat. Can I benefit from lowering the low sub below the 63hz current limit.

The JBL site has the VS-3218-9 specs in the vintage section.

\"You never can have too much headroom\"



  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    The PLX 6.0 while discontinued...would provide 875 watts per driver, and @ 8 ohms @1/8 power draws 19 amps! In 2 ohm mode it would likely be able to draw more than 30 amps!!!

    The 2402 also discontinued provides 1200 watts per speaker and draws 10 amps @ 1/8th power @ 4 ohms...

    You loose power and need a special outlet for the 6.0 power needs

    Why did you choose those crossover slopes and types? JBL specs 1.36K for the 4\" voice coil horn driver, 250 hz for the 10\"... they actually provide all the PEQ's and delays and everything? Hey man, if your at the level where you think you can tune a 4 way system better than JBL then you might be in the wrong place for your questions ( No offense Dennis or Mikey...I know you guys could) ...

    Actually, JBL suggests a 98 hz xover point for the sub, and LR24 filters throughout...
    Here is the link:
    http://www.jblpro.com/catalog/support/g ... &doctype=3
    in case you didn't have it...They also suggest running the tops down to 38.4 hz but I believe that is WITHOUT a sub...

    So I'd suggest trying the JBL settings when you get your 260...

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