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DBX223 XL and Mono Setup

clgalesclgales Posts: 3
edited August 2009 in PA Connectivity
I just purchased a system that consists of
2 Peavey SP2
2 Peavey SP118
Peavey CS 2000 until my CS4000 arrives
Carvin CS2444U
Peavey 215EQ

The mixer is going mono out into the 215eq then into Side 1 of the DBX223xl.

I have side 1 low going into side 1 of the power amp and and side 2 high into side 2 of the power amp. The 223 is set for mono.

I then have side one of the power amp powering both SP118's in parallel and side 2 of the power amp powering both SP2's in parallel.

This way was recommended by a close friend but I did an experiment and noticed that if I put the 223 in Stereo and use side 1 low for the subs and side 1 high for the SP2 I gained some mid-range that was missing in the previous set up.

What is the correct way to set the 223 for my mono set up?


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    In sterreo mode you have 2 mono x-overs side by side. Either channel will do your 2 way set-up. By switch to mono (button) you are setting up a 3 way system, with low, mid, high outputs. Reguardless of with 2 you pick, you're eliminating something. In your case, you plugged into the high and lows, and lost the mid section.
    In fine, opertate the x-over in stereo mono and just use one side.

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    clgalesclgales Posts: 3
    Thank you very much for the quick response.

    So you are saying that Stereo and everything on one side would be the better way to go for my particular setup? Are there any additional recommendations for the setting I should use?
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    If by \"better\" you mean \"only\", then yes. I would set the x-over point in the 90 to 110hz range. Unplug the SP2's and listen to the subs. Select the point where the subs have no \"high trash\" in it (in the 90-1100hz range).

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