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Please Advise for Best Connectivity Results

mwgilmermwgilmer Posts: 2
edited September 2009 in PA Connectivity
2 Peavey 15 w/ horns
2 JBL TR215 2 15's w/horn
qsc 1450 power amp
crown xti2000 power amp

I need to configure my driverack PA+ to run the the two large speakers as full range mains, and the two smaller speakers (peaveys) as full range monitors. I mainly concerned about delay and feedback with monitors and sound quality and feedback in the mains.

Please Help, I am completely new to signal processing.



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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    There are a couple of really good threads on that topic. Search "mains and montors" and similar. It is just a lot to retype. It you can't find it (them) post back and I'll look.

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