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Driverack PA +...Use two for 4 monitor mixes?

nlp187nlp187 Posts: 11
edited March 2010 in Connectivity
If I had 4 monitors couldn't I use two of the Driveracks and run 4 different monitor mixes with that set up? I already have one for the FOH mix but the monitors need some work. Seems like that would work right? The right and left on both would be coming from aux 1(r), aux 2(l), aux3(r), and aux 4(l) off my mixer.



  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Yes... so long as you understand the limitations...The DRPA gives you :
    GEQ/RTA/Auto EQ
    Feedback eliminator
    Post xover PEQ

    The 260 gives you total control of every input and output...except for signal path routing... that is fixed.

    2... 24 band output PEQ's
    2... dual 31 band input EQ's, a
    Enough delay to stretch out about a mile...
    ALL the tools...
    That's what I'd do...
  • nlp187nlp187 Posts: 11
    Is it really worth it at twice the cost? I mean I'm just looking for a better, clearer sound, for the monitor mixes. After getting one for my FOH mix this week I was amazed at how much better it sounded than the set up I had. I currently just have the 4 monitor mixes eq'd and compressed but thats it, it doesn't sound bad, but it sounds no where near as good as the FOH mix. The AFS on the Driverack is something that draws me to getting two of them and using them like I stated in my first post. It would eliminate all the feed back that I get, which isn't much, and would also get the "potential" out of the monitors as far as being eq'd properly, compressed, limited, and all that jazz. It's half the cost of a 260 so that draws me to it even more. Its all in a venue with a 300 people cap, so its not HUGE by any means, but many of the bands that come through always complement on the FOH sound (this is before the DRPA+)and say the same about the monitors. Our budget isn't big either, we make money no doubt, but the 260's just aren't in the budget. I just want to make sure this would work properly. Input is Appreciated man!
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    A lot of people say, "The 260 is twice as much." Can you get a DRPA+ for less than $350?

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    For your best price on either see 'Northern Sound and light' but the 260 isn't twice the DRPA+ and the DRPA has been discontinued ...as to the question "are there any left out there I can't answer that... but they were going for about $350...

    As I said... the DRPA is limited, and you will have 2/ 28 band GEQ's, and 3 Peq's on the hi outs and 2 on the mid and low outs...

    You will have Dual Auto EQ

    you will have AFS

    No dual compression, no dual limiting, just one value for both mixes.

    But yes it will make a difference!

  • nlp187nlp187 Posts: 11
    The Northern Sound and Light has awesome prices. I bought a DRPA + for 499.00 a few weeks ago....Kinda makes me mad that they have them for 387 bucks! The 260 is 670 which is an awesome deal....still twice ALMOST twice as much as the DRPA+ BUT worth the extra since it is almost half of on that site!
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Happy to be of service 8)
    Oh and tell Um Gary ... from the DBX site sent you :wink:
  • nlp187nlp187 Posts: 11
    I just got off the phone with Guitar Center and they will price match these bad boys! I will also be getting refunded the difference for the one I recently bought! WHOO! Thanks for shooting me to that Northern Light and Sound!


    NLP :mrgreen:
  • nlp187nlp187 Posts: 11
    Alright, So I bought a 260 and also another DRPA+ from Guitar Center (they price match to Northern Sound and Light fyi). I am using the 260 on my FOH mix and the two DRPA+'s on the 4 monitor mixes I am running. I have them all set up and running and it sounds AWESOME! However, I do Have a question for you. I' downloaded the GUI for the 260, but need a "manual" to learn the in's and outs of the program. I've looked in the "read me first" section," but maybe I just over looked it?
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    No such animal....I assume you have it running and the 260 popped up in the window? If not , and you are using a laptop without a serial port you'll need a serial to USB converter...Here:


    is the thread about that process...I am using a generic el cheapo converter and it works fine...

    There is a tutorial here:
    http://www.dbxpro.com/Download/Training ... orials.htm
    that actually uses the GUI for the training...

    It's really not that hard to use, but there are some hidden features...the key is just moving around and using the display. I like to set up my screen so I can watch a number of things at once...like this:

    But take the training, and then see if you have more questions...

  • nlp187nlp187 Posts: 11
    Awesome. thanks man. Only problem I have now is I have a MAC, Ill have to get a copy of the program that allows me to run windows on my mac.
  • nlp187nlp187 Posts: 11
    Another question for you.

    What's the best eq type for monitors? Flat, My band, Performance Venue, or DJ? I currently have them set up on Performance Venue and they sound really good, but just trying to get other opinions here. Would eq'ing them as "flat" make the feedback go down any? Obviously it would in some cases but does that matter much?
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Flat is best for monitors...It also is perfect for seeing what the room is doing to the speaker sound...You see, Flat means all frequencies will be represented equally...equal energy for all frequencies means more gain before feedback.

    Remember it's a simple thing to have presets for each of the different curves, and see which you like best... for which applications.

  • nlp187nlp187 Posts: 11
    Gotcha. I just re-eq'd my monitors and I do get a lot less feed back with a flat response. One thing that sucks, had a touring sound guy last night, worked for house of blues, thought he knew what he was doing and messed up one of my channels on one of my amps. One channel is turned to 100% and the other to 50% and its balancing out....AHHH! Least its underwarranty. :mrgreen:
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Guest BE's 007.gifcan be the pits...they think they know everything...5.gifand I sit and watch them butcher a perfectly set up system so that they can get the BOWL curve... rr65.gifthat is so yesterday...

  • nlp187nlp187 Posts: 11
    hahahaha wow. yea exactly.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Who says you can't be expressive with writing200912104356.gif

  • adzaadza Posts: 8
    Hi guys,
    Which output did you use for your sends from the DRPA+. Was it the Mids
    Cheers Adza.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Welcome. Do us a favor and start a new thread. I scanned through this old thread and am not sure what you are asking. Give us you gear list and usage and what you are wanting to achive.

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