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Setting EQ Manually

shallom4usashallom4usa Posts: 26
edited October 2009 in Connectivity
I've been hearing that I can set my DBXPA EQ manually without using the Auto Mic function that always sound like a Jet Plane during setup (Lol). Please show us step by step how to do this because not everybody has time to use the Auto Mic Setup. Thanks.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    You CAN however get the system set up for flat response @ home and store that preset and you'll be good to go at most any venue...read this:
    and here:
    and this:

    Now ... that should get you set, but in the interest of answering your question
    1. press the [EQ] button repeatedly till the GEQ appears ( the first screens are usually the PEQ's
    2. using the <pre page and next page> and the rotary encoder select the frequency you wish to work with
    3. use the rotary encoder to add or subtract gain for that frequency ... the cursor will flash below the frequency selected I don't have mine right here but you will need to use successive presses of the rotary encoder and turn it to select different frequencies and then select another and work with it..Don't be afraid to press all the buttons and find out how to navigate the PX you can't screw ikt up... and if you do you can reset it to factory default easily, just remember that if you do you will lose all the modifications to the programs you made...

    But your best bet is still to do what the reading I sent you to says, set up a flat preset, store it and you'll be amazed how good it sounds and feedback free the system is...
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