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multiple connections

luisaguirreluisaguirre Posts: 2

I am getting a ZP1260 for a sports bar, and I need to make sure of something. Would there be issues with my signal if I hook up my output from a zone to 2 different speaker sets? To help make it clear as to what I want to achieve, I want to hook up the output signal from a zone directly to an amplified sub woofer, and also to an amplifier which in turn will give the signal to the end speakers. Is this possible without having signal loss?

Thanks for your time.

Luis Aguirre


  • Hi Luis,

    With longer cable runs, I do not advise this. Some powered subs can be used in a sub-satellite system,which would be fine, but for this application it sounds like a bad idea. Make sure that things are properly crossed over as well. Don't just send full range to the mains and subs. This will not yield good results. It may be a better option to throw a 223 or 223XL post ZonePRO and let it act as a crossover and distribution amp. Please see the below link for more info on Y'ing outputs.

    http://www.dbxpro.com/FAQs/index.php?q= ... earch&cat=

    Hope this helps.
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