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DBX 1231 Starting point

boorascboorasc Posts: 7
edited November 2009 in Configuration Wizard
Hello I just recently got a 1231, can anyone tell me the best place to start setting this thing up to sound good?
Right now every time I set it I cant seem to get a good sound other than setting everything at "0"

Two QSC Q5 Amps
pv20 mixer
Jbl MXR518s subs
two Peavey impulse Tops



  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    You did not list a x-over. If that is the case, you HAVE to get one to separate the full signal to the appropriate speakers. Having said that, you should return the 1231 EQ and buy a Driverack product. They include the x-over and the EQ (plus other needed features like AFS, limiters, etc.) All in one rack space.
    I'd recommend the 260 for $700. Then the DRPA+ for a couple hundred less.

  • Sorry the QSC GX5 Amps are switched to "crossover mode"
  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    EQ's have 3 basic purposes that are actually linked closely together.
    1) feedback control
    2) correcting speaker response problems.
    3) attempting room resonance correction

    Graphic EQ's are not the best tool for any off these, but are usefull.
    Generally speaking, never boost any frequencies, only cuts. Your best bet is to set up in the room and turn on all mics and squeal (ring) out the system. If you are not familiar with the process, one trick is turn the system up until feedback starts and reduce the volume until it stops. Then, increase each eq fader (one at a time) until it starts to ring. Make a note of the +db gain, then return to -0-. Do this through all faders. Any filters that fedback with 3db or less, reduce those to -6db and leave them. Any that were +4 to 6db, reduce to -2 or 3 db. Increase the gain knob on the EQ by +3db and check the mics for volume. Continue if neccessary.

  • Great, Thanks...that makes sense..
  • I think we are going to return it for the DriveRack 260...Is it really easy to use?...Is it good for Live and just playing stereo in the band room? One more...It acts as a Crossover so I can switch the QSC to regular mode ?
  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    It will do wonders for your sound (in any situation).
    Easy to use? Well, if you use the GUI (computer control) it is about as easy as regular analog separates. Download the GUI driveware from tab above and play with it. It is the best way to see if you like it. Also do the tutorial. Actually do the tutorial first.

  • DennisDennis Posts: 801
    boorasc wrote:
    ...Is it really easy to use?

    If you are having difficulty with the 1231, maybe not.

  • The 1231 is not difficult to use, its just hard to get a decent sound from it without "Hiss"
    Somebody mentioned before to listen to a Band that I really like the Mix on and Tweak the EQ until I get it sounding Good. I did that but then when I have silence, I hear alot of "Hiss" ?
  • Dra.... I dont see the Driveware you mention in the Tab Above?
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