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120X, 4BX and crossover connectivity

bfgullabfgulla Posts: 6
edited November 2009 in Connectivity
These are my components: dbx 4320 power amp, Yamaha M-80 power amp, dbx 120X, dbx 4BX, Peavey PV 23XO crossover (my latest addition) and an ADC SX-90 mixer. I want to use the 4320's ch 1 & 2 for the full range speakers, and ch 3 & 4 for the tweeters (2.5 - 20 KHz); and the M-80 for the subs. I also want to use the PV 23XO in the 2-way, stereo mode. Please help me with the connections.


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Maybe I don't know anything about those amps (actually I don't), but you have ...
    2-Mids (full range)

    You can't go 2-way if you have a 3-way set-up (what you have). Is there something that you have not told us?

  • The dbx 4320 power amp has 4 channels, while the Yamaha power amp has 2 channels. The ADC mixer has 2 OUTs. I have 2 subwoofers, 2 tweeters and 2 full range speaker systems. The PV23XO crossover's cutoff varies from 100 Hz to 7.5 kHz.
    My main concern or question is the sequence of the dbx 120X subharmonic synthesizer, dbx 4BX dynamic range enhancer and the PV23XO--the order which they should be connected between the mixer and the power amps.
    My other concern is this: The 120X has an option for biamping—it can be an active crossover by itself with a cutoff of 120 Hz. It has its own OUT to the subs and a dedicated sub level control. Can I avail of this option in complement with the PV23XO crossover, or I could only use one of the two? I’m being mindful to set my PV23XO cutoff at 2.5 kHz so as not to damage the tweeters.
    Thank you.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Wow... what a mess...Sorry I call it like I see it...

    1. no HPF available on the xover so no way to keep the fullranges from overlapping to the subs...(if you wanted to use all the stuff you have)
    2. fullrange tops AND more tweeters? What for? and again... overlapping with the HF in the fullrange will cause phasing problems, and dissimilar drivers in near proximity will also cause phase problems.. cancellations... etc
    3. compressing an already heavily compressed medium (recorded music) NOT good!
    4. 4BX quad pumper? why?

    The only real way to do this in stereo would be using the fullrange, and the subs in 2 way stereo...set the xover at 120 hz (or there about.. (how can you be sure it's 120hz?) and then use XLR to RCA adapters...I assume RCA outputs from the mixer, and ins and outs of the 120 ...I couldn't find anything on the Yamaha amp... and I don't know if the subs are 8 ohms or not.. if they are not 8 ohm, then you can't use bridged...

    That's the way I see it...we would need a whole lot more info if we are to be of any further help...

  • Thanks, guys.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    So... what are you going to do?
  • I haven’t decided how, still gathering advices. Firstly, I had it setup this way:
    mixer out 1 > 4BX > PV23XO (2.5K and above) > 4320 > tweeters
    (2.5K and below) > 120X > M-80 > subs
    mixer out 2 > 4320 > full range speakers

    But without even running it, I changed it to:
    mixer out 1 > 4BX > PV23XO (2.5kHz and below) > 4320 > full range speakers
    (2.5kHz and above) > 4320 > tweeters
    mixer out 2 > 120X > M-80 > subs

    And I still haven’t run it, still don’t know how it sounds like. Actually, I’m not yet ready to rock. I’m still waiting for the cd player and Sirius home dock that I ordered, and I still have to hook up all the cables. I should try different combos to include the suggestions including from here.

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    What we are getting at is when you have two or more sources in near proximity producing the same frequencies...there will be cancellations and all manner of frequency skewing anomalies...for instance... you are running a fullrange cab that will produce frequencies well into the sub region, and high frequencies well into the extra tweeters sonic space... what are those tweeters for anyway? What are the speakers in question anyway... you never did say.
  • The tweeters are JBL 2402Hs, subs are Peavey 15-inch Black Widows and the full range are Bose 301s--all 8-ohmers I believe. If this will amount to anything, I can situate the Boses up to 15 ft away from the others.
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