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Custom Panel Preset Recall Buttons.

Jeremy MyersJeremy Myers Posts: 4
edited November 2009 in 4800 Software Control
I made a custom panel, which mainly consists of several "system on/off" buttons. These buttons are used to change presets. The problem is this: when I press one button, it turns red, which is exactly what I want, but when I press another "preset" button, it turns red (which is also exactly what I want it to do); but the previous "preset" button stays red as well. I can't see any way to deselect a previously recalled preset when a new one is selected. I also can't see any way to use other types of buttons to recall presets. It's important for the only active (Red) button to be the active preset on the 4820 so we know which preset is live.

The panel preset bar is undesirable as it requires text and this panel will be controlled via a touch screen monitor. The preset trigger doesn't allow me to assign my presets (talks about preset range minimum = 0, max = 1); not sure what that's all about.

Can anyone help?


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Say What? :shock: your speaking Greek here... is this some sort of DIY circuit or are you working on your own? You have provided no documentation here that would allow anyone to help...

  • Sorry, I'm working within the custom panel designer in system architect v.2.00
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Ah...I'll forward this to Mike and perhaps he can help here...

  • I ended up getting in contact with one of the top guys there at DBX. He confirmed that there is not button in system architect that will truly do what it is I need (or at least it isn't working correctly). He gave me a method of working around it for the time being, and requested a new button be developed for the next software update release. This new button will be specifically designed for panel preset recall, and will change color depending on whether or not a panel preset it is assigned to is in it's active or inactive state. Hopefully that makes sense.
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