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Driverack 260 Crashes When Adjusting EQ

timesliptimeslip Posts: 7
I have a Driverack 260, and sometimes when I'm adjusting the EQ from the front panel, it crashes - garbled screen and all sound goes out. When I turn it off & back on, it comes back to life & even remembers the changes. If I leave it alone, it runs fine the rest of the night. It doesn't happen with the other sections (compressor, crossover, etc.), only with the EQ (it has happened with both parametric & graphic). I'm not sure it's a power problem because it has happened in many different venues. It seems like some kind of bug or like it doesn't want to do all the number crunching for the EQ. I recently (about a month ago) re-loaded the firmware from the website, but it was the same version that was already on the unit. However, it just happened again last night: I adjusted the EQ, it crashed, I re-powered, it came back, I let it play for a while, decided to try the EQ again, and it crashed again. I let it play to get through the night, but this is very embarassing. I'm hesitant to ship it to DBX for repair just yet because it is an intermittant problem & could just be a waste of shipping if they can't reproduce it. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Are you familiar with the process of uploading your presets to your computer? What I suggest is you upload all your personal presets to your computer and then do a hard reset... this would eliminate a software problem from being the cause... then download the presets to your 260 again...

    Please keep us informed...I will forward this on to Mike in tech service also...

  • I did the hardware reset when I did the firmware reload.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    RESET again and try it.
    I had a remotely similar issue about a year ago. Loss of sound and "whited out" screen (while NOT making any change). Powered down and back up fixed it. I sent to DBX and they fixed it. Off hand I don't remember what they replaced, but it was simple and they changed less than their fixed rate ($100 or so, I think) for repairs. Turn around was less than 2 weeks including shipping (although I think I Blued it to them, with standard return). That was from Bama to Utah and back.

  • Hi timeslip,

    It sounds like a problem with the display hardware itself. Shoot me an email at support@dbxpro.com and I will see what I can do. :D

  • jorinjorin Posts: 1
    Mine does the exact same thing. The other day I went into the EQ on my 260 and pressed the arrow key to adjust it and it immediately killed all sound and the screen said:
    !: Meter 31 Failed
    mtr_add: 32
    rd_word: 22

    I have also had mine lock up when adjusted the AFS or Delay settings but not as often as the EQ. Let me know if you need any more information. I have also done a hard reset and restored settings with the computer on mine. I have been getting very frustrated with this and have started taking my DR PA with me too in case something worse then a power reset and it all comes back happens.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    If the unit is not under warranty, pop the top (with the power unplugged :mrgreen: ) and reseat the the display ribbon cable. I actually took a pencil eraser and cleaned the contacts on the ribbon and then used Caigs liquid gold on the socket.
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