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Dbx 266Xl 220/110 volt question¡¡¡???¡¡¡

kunak23kunak23 Posts: 7
Hi there, i got one dbx 266xl in Usa, but i´m not sure if i can connect to power here in Spain with 220volt???

The back pannels say 110volt, but this kind of racks use to have autotranfor, or is it possible to change transfo pin connection or so???
Any ideas ???
Thank you.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I believe you need a different transformer... I will forward this on to tech support and they should weigh in shortly.
  • Hi kunak23,

    The 266XL would need to be converted to 220-240 Volt by the dbx distributor in your country. Another option would be to use a step up transformer.

    dbx Distributor Search:

    Step Up Transformer search:
    http://www.google.com/search?q=Step+Up+ ... =firefox-a
  • Hi there again, thank you for the hlep and fast answering.

    I have one question for tech support, the original 110volt transfo, does it have any more primary inputs? oR just he 110volt ones, because lots of equipment have different primaries voltages, so can handle different inputs.

    Nowadays most of electronic equipment are prepared to be able to work either 110/220/240 for different countries (Usa,Europe,...) dbx shuold chek this out...
  • Unfortunately, it does not. A completely different transformer is required for operation at 220-240 Volts.
  • OK, thank you for the help¡¡
    Hummm i was just wondering if since it´s only 15watts (125mA) one of those travel 220/110 transformers would works, because you stack it on the plug and it´s done¡¡??
    Thank you
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