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Audio Routing DBX260

adambroomadambroom Posts: 2
Good Morning

I am trying to set the 260 up in the following way:

Input A --- Output 1
Input B --- Output 2
Input A+B --- Output 3
Input A+B --- Output 4

I have my left and right speakers on output 1 and 2 and want the centre cluster on output 3 and 4. The reason for wanting two channels of this is there is one cab covering the lower auditorium and the other the higher. I am aware that it may have to be different outputs but that isn't too crucial. I just can't see how to achieve this and was hoping for a little advice. I am running Driveware GUI.

Many Thanks



  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    You didn't provide enough info for a complete setup but I was able make up a preset doing just that

    Getting started (not knowing what you have for speakers) in the wizard you could build a stereo all custom preset... really doesn't matter much what you configure because were going to chop it all up anyway...I got the same results and it's probably easier to just select preset U9 multi zone...here's the deal, Hook up and fire up the GUI. You can build the preset and upload it to the driverack later or make sure the driverack and GUI are connected for instant gratification...
    1. Load u9 and press the [config] button on the gui.
    2. left click on the xover bar (Bar with the X on it) it will turn white.
    3. Right click on the bar again and select 1x1 filter from the drop down menu
    4. Note that there are individual white boxes for each output with the first only with an [F] (indicating filter)
    5. Right click on the 2nd box and select 1x1 filter from the drop down menu an [F] will appear in that box.
    6. Repeat for as many outputs as you want to use...in your case 1-4
    7. Note that each input to the crossovers is "A" only, right click on top of the 2nd "A" and from the dropdown menu select "B"
    8. Now select the third one down and select "A+B"
    9. And on to the fourth and select "A+B"

    You now have successfully configured the unit for what you wanted...Now lets rename those outputs...
    1. Double left click on the "left high" name for the channel.. a dropdown window is provided, type in the name you want the output to have ...like "Left Main" click ok and repeat for the others... you can even put "not used" in the last 2 if you wish...

    While your in the "config" mode you can change just about any parameter...
    Note that you will need to set at least an appropriate HPF for each of the filters you have set up for the speakers.

    Press the "config" button again and select [YES] to "replace existing preset"

    Now you can rename the preset by clicking the [store] button, and typing in the preset name and then selecting [OK] to "replace an existing program...
    Your done

    If you are doing this in the GUI for later installation and want to email the preset to the location
    1. On the top blue bar of the GUI display right click and select "export program"
    2. In the dropdown menu select a location to send the .dwp file to, "My Documents" will be the default but I like "My Desktop" because it's easier to find...
    3. Name the preset in "file name" and click "Save" your file is now on the desktop.
    4 Locate it on the desktop, right click on it and from the dropdown menu select "send to" and from that dropdown "Mail recipient" and you can then email it anywhere.

    If you built it in the GUI and want to upload it later...
    1. Get the GUI running with the 260 in communication
    2. Load the u9 preset if it's not already loaded into the GUI
    3. press the STORE button and answer the questions... your done

    If you want to UPLOAD the file you emailed previously...
    1. With the GUI running and in communication with the 260...
    2. Right click on the top blue bar of the GUI screen and from the dropdown menu select "Import Program"
    3. Press the "store" button and answer the questions...
    Your done!
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