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Quick question about Drivepack PA connectivity

devo1065devo1065 Posts: 3
edited February 2010 in PA Connectivity
I know its not possible to mono sum the L and R high outputs internally with the DRPA.
Im just wondering if I could use a "Y" cable to sum it externally to my amp without having any ill effects on the Driverack unit itself.
I could gain alot more headroom by running my amp in bridge mono mode with a 4 ohm load than I could using stereo mode with 2 x 8 ohm loads.

Currently using a custom 2x3 setup, would like to still use the 2x3 but with the L and R highs summed together.


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    If your asking if it will hurt the Driverack to Y the output, no it won't, but you could suffer cancellations associated with dissimilar signals fed into the same cable that are out of phase.

    If your going to run mono anyway, there is no need to sum the output of the driverack. Simply center detent the pan control on the mixer, if it doesn't have a mono sum output select either left or right output from the mixer. If your set up with a subs/tops config ( I have to assume so since you could use the left mono out in a 2x3 config as a summed out) like a 2x3 then simply send the amps either the left or right output from the driverack.. it's already mono.

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    Awesome, It works great! All I had to do was put my L and R inputs from the laptop into two seperate channels on the mixer. Then put both pans in the center.
    Im now just connecting to just the left side of the high and low outputs on the Driverack. Both L and R input channels driven for aestheic metering purposes :P

    I initially had both laptop inputs going into one channel with the pan in center which still kept the L and R signals seperate.
    Thanks for the reply

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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
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