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DRPA Settings for JBL118sp and JBL SRX 715

BounceBandBounceBand Posts: 6
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Here is my situation: I have a 2 way system for my band. On the tops we have SRX JBL 715s and on the bottoms we have JBL 118sp. We are powering the top boxes with a QSC GX5. They are being run passive. The Driverack Pa dose not have settings for this Amp and I was wondering if you guys could help me with that. Also, for some reason the Driverack PA won't allow me to turn the sub adjustment past 63%. I know you are supposed to set the level adjustment to be the same as the amp's volume knob. I run my subs at full volume. Every time I try to set it to that in the wizard, the subs stop working and when I go back into it, it has put it back to 63%. I then have to run the wizard again and leave it at 63% for the subs to start working again. If you guys could help me out to make this system sound as amazing as possible I would greatly appreciate it!!


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    So your using 1 GX5 for the whole system? The setting in the wizard is a SUGGESTED setting for the amp... NOT something you need to change in the driverack.in fact you CAN'T change it as you have discovered.

    If you are using one amp set up A 2x3, and if you want to optimize your system read this:
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    Sorry, the sub's are self powered. We are going to be switching the subs to SRX single 18's soon. I changed the amp setting to Custom tonight at our show for the GX5. It seemed to work better. I think we might buy a couple of Crown amps. One for the tops and one for the new single SRX 18s. The SRX 715 boxes are sweet. Good throw distance on the low end. The kick could still be felt pretty far out from the system.
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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Personally I'm waiting for the new Peavey amps to shake out...if you were to power those speakers to their full potential AND have headroom 3000 watts per speaker would not be out of line. An amp of that calibre would be along the lines of a Macrotech 15000 (Which they don't make) in stereo 8 ohms (what you have with your speakers). The XTi 6000 (well over $1000) would give you 1200 watts per cab.

    Peavey, has a new ULTRA light amp series (the 1600 watt amp weighs in at a paltry 7 LBS :shock:) that have a (supposed )5 year warranty :shock: :shock: The IPR4500 should put out about 3000 watts @ 8 ohms bridged, and I just got a price quote of $357.04 :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

    So, I'm going to wait for the 6000 for myself but it shows IN STOCK @ NSL.

    SO you never said if you got the part about that being a SUGGESTED setting and not a variable one?

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