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Some help using the DR 260 to emulate a passive design

xyriumxyrium Posts: 30
Hey guys,

I have a pair of passive speakers that I would like to change from passive xovers to an active setup using the DR 260. Would anyone know, aside from choosing the crossover frequency which is provided in the design, how I should choose a setup on the DR 260 to achieve this? Here's the passive design, which is actually quite fantastic to begin with, as the designer is quite knowledgeable:


I've assembled the sealed cabinet version of the 2 way design. My main concerns I suppose, are over the designer's comments:

"The tweeter uses a single padding resistor and also requires a conjugate impedance flattening notch across the terminals. A traditional L-pad would not have been enough to damp the tweeter's impedance peak and a LCR circuit will be needed with almost all 6600 applications to avoid ringing".

I'm sure how to emulate this on the 260, especiallly since it can't do an 18dB LR filter, it goes from 12 to 24.
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