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should I keep my Sonic Maximizer?

roncoronco Posts: 2
edited March 2010 in PA Connectivity
I'm a dj using a computer playing mostly mp-3 and some cds for dj system consisting of 4 15" PAS 2-way spkr for highs and 4 15" subwoofers. Audio goes out of the computer, into American dj mixer, then to a BBE 362SW serving as crossover and enhancement for mp-3; then out to 2 large power amps.

I want to get the DriverackPA+ for its auto EQ and sub bass enhancement. My question is should I remove the BBE 362sw? (I like what it does to improve the sound of mp3s.) or should I just wire it so the computer output passes through it for sound enhancement before the Driverack PA+ and eliminate it as a crossover?



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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Well, the sonic maximizer for pre-recorded music, is designed to enhance the low end and add crispness to the high end (when "IT" senses that it would like more), so it kind of is un-natural in what it does. The low end is enhanced by adding harmonics to make the music seem fuller and by default alters the "original intent" of the artist / producer. But... if you like it.....

    The DRPA+ will allow you to scrap the BBE, though we don't recommend using the Sub Synth in the driverack either. But if you do you do. The PEQs should, if you have at least marginally quality gear, get you better sound than you have now by far (without all the voodoo).

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