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Express to serial card

davemccanndavemccann Posts: 2
edited March 2010 in Connectivity
Hi Everyone, I have just joined so please be gentle :lol:

I have recently been made redundant so am starting my own business, all the ZonePro stuff I have done in the past was with the laptop that my former employer had that had a physical serial port with XP and I never encountered any issues.

Now that I am own my own my own laptop does not have a serial port and is running Windows 7. It has an ExpressCard slot so if I buy an express to serial card will it work?

I have searched on here and on the dbx site but could not find any reference other than not to use usb to serial and PCMCIA

TIA Dave


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Don't know about the card slot but there are several serial to USB converters that work with the laptops.
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