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Which DBX Product?

djrobdjrob Posts: 22
edited April 2010 in Connectivity

I spent the past 3 hours checking out the forum....I'm a DJ (sigh...I'm guessing) and need to decide what product to purchase.

I currently own:
    2x JBL MPro 215s 2x JBL MPro 418s 1x QSC PLX 1602 1x QSC GX5 A Bose L1 Model 1 setup (2 sticks, and 4 bass bins)

The JBL Stuff I use for larger venues, lately I've only been using 1 sub because I realized I was under powering the pair (I use the 1602 amp bridged mono to power one sub now).

For weddings, I use the Bose system.

That being said, what DBX product is best for me? Is it foolish to try and combine the systems for more sound? I the start here stuff, and any of the other start here postings, comprehended as much as I could....to me it seems like with the JBL setup if I were to "flat line" that system, I wouldn't be able to get enough sub (it would max out)....am I totally in left field?

Here's a scenario....80s dance party coming up in a month. They want a sound system outside and one in the house as well. Therefore, I need two systems (but they want to hear the same thing inside). I have a Behringer DDM4000 as my mixer.

Can we start off with which DBX product to buy?


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Get the DRPA+
    Send the left/right high outs to the JBL Mpro 215
    Send the mid outs to the Mpro 418's and
    Send the Lo outs to the L1 system
    Set up a 2X6 system in the wizard.. it doesn't matter if your equipment isn't in the list
    Set the Mid outs with a lopass filter of 45 hz BW18, and the hipass @ 100hz LR24
    Set up the High outs with a hipass filter of 100hz LR24( the speakers will be allowed to go to out.. which means whatever they can do...
    Set up the Low outs with a bandpass filter of 40hz - 18khz for the L1's (no chance the L1 system can do it but what the hell huh?)

    get the measurement mic

    get your gain structure strait

    learn about the Driverack..

    Gadget, DJ, KJ, Moderator...and live sound "Old sound man" I look down on everyone, and no one...(because I'm freakin TALL!)
  • djrobdjrob Posts: 22
    Thanks, Gadget. I bought the PA+ with the reference mic included.

    Next up, cables. I assume I want to have the whole system connected with XLR and speakon cables?...normal cable configuration, don't need to flip pins or anything....
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Nothing special about the cables, the speakers use NL4 connectors... stick with those even if you go 2 conductor wire...

  • djrobdjrob Posts: 22
    All right, was in the garage tonight getting everything setup...ended up making my own quad cable XLRs.

    First Question: I'm not running a stereo sub, rather the 1602 is running in bridged mode. How do I tell the DRPA+ to send a mono signal out on the Middle (or does it even matter since it's the sub?) I wasn't sure what to do with the setup wizard because I'm also using the Bose L1 system (as mentioned above).

    Second question: I believe I'm good on getting a getting the right signal level out of my mixer (The channels and main out are just before clipping)...Without the Driveware functionality (doesn't work with PA+), what am I looking for on the DRPA+? Tutorial is kind of confusing without that software.

    Hoping to get this up and running for a gig on Friday, thanks!
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    So wait a second...now you want to use the JBL AND Bose together? What gives? Above you said you used one or the other...?
  • djrobdjrob Posts: 22
    Saturday I'm doing an event where the customer wants two sounds systems playing the same stuff. Long story short, they want to hear the music inside the house and hear announcements, etc.

    With the above mentioned equipment, I was trying to make it work. I have two 95" XLRs that I was going to send to the Bose system.

    Possible or no?
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Sure, What I would do is set up a 2X5 system... in the wizard, all custom
    send the high outs to the bose
    send the Mid outs to the 215's
    send the left mono out to the 218's

    Set the Hi outs as a bandpass filter allowing 20-20khz
    set the mid outs to 100hz LR24 to out( means 20khz or above letting the speakers set the lopass)
    set the low left out for 45hz BW18 - 100hz LR24

  • djrobdjrob Posts: 22
    I'm pretty sure you can't do a 2x5 setup from the wizard?? Seems like you can only select highs and subs...I'm thinking I could load a 3-way preset....is there a way to indicate my sub is a mono output?

    Once I get that going, I assume I complete the gain structure by raising the Crossover gain, correct? Again, I cannot use the Driveware software and the walkthrough is unclear.

    Sorry to be a pain, i'm having a hard time learning this stuff when things aren't lining up :/
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Not lining up? Hmmm...
    I am sure you CAN set up a 2x5.. that's a bi-amp tops and mono subs... I personally use a 2x5 in my studio and run bi-amp tops and mono sub...there is no GUI for the DRPA /PX platform... unfortunately...

    In the wizard.
    answer the questions to get bi-amp tops.. and mono sub, you need to use custom ALL custom here..that's speakers AND amps...

    save that config...

    select 'xover', you will note that the upper left of the display has an 'HML', and one of the letters is highlighted...that is the High, Mid, and low crossover points and the highlighted one is the one that is up for modification...you need to put the unit on the kitchen table and work the buttons till you can navigate the interface and modify any parameter...this section... the xover.. is modified using the <prev and next> and the data wheel (you need to press it sometimes too) and the xover button...

    get used to the interface..

    you need to modify the program you set up, using the controls above.

    I have given you the numbers in my response post, just match them up with the ones I gave you...

    All the info you need to do this is in the FAQ section:

    and the 'start here' thread:
    which will lead you step by step through the process of setup and gain structure.

    try those things and see what happens...

  • djrobdjrob Posts: 22
    I can set up the Xover no problem, I understand how that works...

    The only issue I'm having is the setup wizard... how do you get a three sets of speakers and can you set one of them to mono...and yes, i've been sitting here refreshing this page, lol
  • djrobdjrob Posts: 22
    ftp://ftp.dbxpro.com/pub/PDFs/Manuals/E ... 0483-B.pdf

    The setup wizard on page 17...I don't understand how I can indicate anything other than a set of subs and mains...this is what I'm seeing when I navigate this wizard...
  • djrobdjrob Posts: 22
    Alright, I think I figured it out. I'm posting in case anyone else can benefit.

    Besides just selecting "custom" on the line below that, you can further select "custom bi-amp" when selecting your mains. You can also select "custom" for the subs and on the line below that you can toggle over to mono or stereo on the subs....

    Sorry again, when ur new with this stuff, it's tough unless it's right there...
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    My + is out in the studio, and I'm a MESS from working in the shop all day.. I have a bath drawn and I need (badly) to soak my hurting body...

    So, I will go up later and make a blow by blow if needed, but as I recall..

    Select the Wizard

    it asks stereo or mono select stereo

    now it's stereo or dual mono...select stereo (if you don't you will need to auto eq both sides separately
    tops select full range/bi-amp select bi-amp (make sure it's custom speakers... you CANNOT select yours)

    select custom amps

    select stereo/mono subs...select mono select custom

    select amps.. select custom

    load config?

    modify...as above

    remember to save all changes, that takes 3 count em 3 presses of the store button, and each time you need to answer a question about your desired setup...


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