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Macbook pro fusion windows 7 cannot connect

grunter375grunter375 Posts: 23
Ok well as best i can see my new macbook running windws 7 under fusion on the LAN cannot connect to a 641m. I have set up the IP on the zone pro to on my old laptop via RS-232 i can see the zone pro in both windows and snow leapord via ip scanner with 20ms ping times yet the software does not see it any ideas on this would be great.


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    mikejoeydbxmikejoeydbx Posts: 134
    Hi grunter375,

    Have you tried setting your network card to "Bridged" instead of NAT, within VMWare fusion? Also, try turning off your wi-fi card to see if this helps.
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    well thanks for the tip worked sort of i saw the zonepro once in the Designer window but now i cant, i can however see it in the network wizard but it only has "detected next to it"?
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    ok got it all going need to change the network adaptor ti static so as it is on the same subnet as the zonepro all good thanks for the tip
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