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260 question

JaminLJaminL Posts: 3
When is dbx going to produce a Driverack 260 with 3 inputs and 6 outputs for aux fed subs applications?


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I would guess they are working on that now...I have had that request in for years now...next I'll have to get a darn digital console though so I have enough aux's for all the monitors and efx sends AND aux subs. I used to do aux subs till I lost my house gigs to bar closings..now I have to run monitors and efx and don't have a aux for the sub...

    don't give up hope I haven't!
  • JaminLJaminL Posts: 3
    I wish they would hurry up. :D There are some other manufactures that have already figured it out. I bet they are selling like hot cakes. :roll:
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