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Please I need serious help with my 260

sandyx34sandyx34 Posts: 5
Hi everybody. I am new at this board. I need help routing or connecting the 260 correctly with the following system configuration.

I and a friend are building a mobil Sound system for both promotions and live events. The system will be on top of large pickup truck. The system consist of the followin:

12 JBL 2242 Subs each in its own Sl-36 folded horn box.
12 JBL 2206 Cabs for mids (for the voice)
8 JBL 2446 Horns
8 JBL 2204 SUPER Tweeters

The subs will be powered by:
6 of them will be hookedup to a Crown Macrotech 9000i in stereo.
6 with two Macrotech 5000VZ in Bridge mode.
The mids with two Macrotech 3600
And the horns with a Macrotech 2400

Please I need to tell the 260 to send the correct frequencys to the mids and the horns. The subs are pounding super clean but for some reason I just cant get the mids and the horns to sound in line with each other.
I do have all of the manufactures specicifiactions for all the speakers. All of them are 8 ohms except for the horns wich are 16 ohms.

I do have the RTA mic but I want to tune this by ear. Please id someone can give me hand. Please also let me know if Im under powered with the amps.

Thank you so much. DRPA 260 Rules yeahhh. :mrgreen:


  • DennisDennis Posts: 801
    What mid and high cabinets do you have? Are they proprietary or a standard JBL model? And just how large is your pickup truck??

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    As Dennis said what model speakers are these? How long is the horn in the subs, are you indicating they are in Cerwin Vega SL36 cabs?

    did you realize those subs 2242 speaker is wound RED + and BLACK -, while ALL the other drivers are wound BLACK + and RED -? That means that if you took a 9 volt battery and went with plus to red and black to minus on all speakers ... the 2242 would move outward, and all the rest would move INWARD... :shock: could cause a problem.. no?

    You also have to realize that the sound takes about 8 ms to get out of the Cerwin horns...so you have the delay of the sound, AND a reverse polarity to deal with...try reversing the polarity of the subs, then delay the tops components 8-10 ms and see what happens... (the horn may need to be reversed to the other components depending on the xover you type and slope choose...

    A little tip here...
    Once you get the speakers aligned and sounding better, balanced from one component to the next...do an auto eq and flatten the speakers, THEN eq them to taste by ear...

    I have to assume that this is a stationary vehicle? :?
  • sandyx34sandyx34 Posts: 5
    Wow you guys are amazing. Thank you for the fast response.
    First thank you again for telling me about the speed at wich the bass frequency leaves those boxes.

    Ok. Everything on this system has been custome made. The owner wanted those types of bass cabs cause he was told they are the best for such application, wich he just wants very hard hitting bass.
    The truck is a Daihatsu Delta, were the system is being put together on the back of the truck is about 17 feet long. As you can tell this system is being design in the Dominican Republic only for the sole purpose of moving from place to place and just play at events.

    I do know of the polarity I have checked and everything is in face, Meaning that I have all of them RED + and BLACK - we have had their voice coil corrected at a shop.

    How do go about using the 260 Gui and creating a custom preset that I can use and have it as flat as possible and then tailor this preset to taste as the system is move to different areas. It does not have to be perfect just so that I have something to work from everytime we go to a new gig.

    We will not be playing with any live bands just pre-recorded music, Reggae, Merengue, Salsa, Hi-Hop, etc.

    And also do you think I have power with those amps.
  • sandyx34sandyx34 Posts: 5
    Also if you guys need to have an idea of how the boxes are being stacked together it looks just like the www.ninebarsoundsystem.com just with different components and I now they are using the Lab Sub design from PSW. If you guys need pictures I can also upload them.
    Thank you very much.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I do know of the polarity I have checked and everything is in face, Meaning that I have all of them RED + and BLACK - we have had their voice coil corrected at a shop.

    I'm TELLING you that you need to ADDRESS this issue... it could be that it is what is causing some of the issues..

    If DIY what design is the sub.. how long a horn path? If the same as the LABsub then 10 feet of delay need to be added and you don't have enough with the limitations of the DRPA...The tops need to be aligned with the subs out. If not then you need to further delay the tops...
  • sandyx34sandyx34 Posts: 5
    Thank you so much Gadget I will try those suggestions.

    Thank you very much. :mrgreen:
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