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Need a dwp file if possible

John SJohn S Posts: 29
Hey guys, I'm running a fairly common rig and wanted to see if someone already has a file setup on this they could send me.

Stereo rig: SR4733a and SRX728s per side. Each of the SR4733a are powered with a monobridged qsc2450. Each of the SRX728s are powered with a monobridged qsc3602.

my email is Stratstl123@gmail.com

thanks in advance.


  • kpippenkpippen Posts: 551
    Kinda defeats the purpose don't you think?...:wink:
  • John SJohn S Posts: 29
    Not at all. Simply not wanting to reinvent the wheel. But thanks for the valuable insight.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Perhaps Kevin is indicating that if we simply email you the information were, one, not doing you any favors as far as learning anything, and two, no one else is learning from this also...

    Understand, the chances of ANYONE having that exact rig are... well astronomical here...Here is an idea of what we do here...

    1. Read the post and evaluate what the poster wants to know.
    2. Try and determine the level of expertise of the poster and see what we know about the system... did the poster provide any links to the equipment?
    3. Did they tell us exactly what they were looking for?
    4. Did they make any effort to find the information for themselves (here I'm also looking on JBL.com professional and looking in the "tunings" files for the speakers... knowing from the thousands of these we do every year that cross platform like SR series and SRX700 series don't have any verifiable data we can access)
    http://www.jblpro.com/catalog/general/t ... D=18&Run=1
    5. Ok, the SR series are here:
    http://www.jblpro.com/catalog/support/g ... &doctype=3
    scroll down to the SR4733a and note that there isn't any "tunings" for fullrange, just bi-amp tops and bi-amp tops /subs... the then only the ones that fit the SR series profiles...
    6. Noting that JBL didn't ACTUALLY specify WHAT sub they were specing with the listed tops :roll: :roll: , but listed tunings I have to speculate that they are talking about the SR 4719???? :roll: (which are NOTHING like the SRX728's...

    Look, no manufacturer is going to offer "tunings" for fullrange speakers... it would be like admitting that their speakers have flaws that need to be addressed...

    If your looking for suggestions as to xover freq, and gain.. that is a pretty easy thing to determine if we know the power available for the different speakers...
    7. Does the poster have the rated power available for the speakers he listed...lets see...
    I found this upon further investigation:
    That the SR4733a was rated 1200 (pink noise) meaning 1200/2400/4800 watts (RMS /program/peak) you have 2400 watts total peak...so no, you don't have the power to run OPTIMUM xover settings.) so now what...
    8. Does he have the power needed for the subs for optimum sub performance?... nope...
    what is the best compromise...?

    Are you starting to get the idea that this isn't as simple as a quick answer? Note that there is probably a handful of users here per week and most are newbie to novice level. The chances of anyone having the proper setups are poor at best, unless Dennis is familiar with both of those products..your best bet is to go to the PSW and post your questions and take your lumps...Otherwise if you want us to calculate a setup using your specs we are capable and willing to do so. Just realize that these are not "tried and true".

    Let us know what we can do for you here...
  • John SJohn S Posts: 29
    ---"Perhaps Kevin is indicating that if we simply email you the information were, one, not doing you any favors as far as learning anything"---

    Gadget, I'm not a newbie here. I'm running 3 different rigs through the 260. You and I have emailed dwp files to each other in the past. I was just in a time crunch and since there are no files which can be uploaded from jbl for the sr series, I was hoping someone at least had those so I didn't have to sit there and manually do it. Icing on the cake if someone had the same rig, hence the words "if possible" in the topic line. And yes, I know those are just a starting point, but it would have saved me a lot of time nonetheless.

    Having said that, I can do without comments such as those propounded by kevin.

    I do appreciate all of your time and knowledge, Gadget. You have certainly helped me and others in the past.

  • DennisDennis Posts: 801
    The SR4733A is the 15" version of the SR4731A and SR4732A that I sometimes work with but they sound different. I checked some tunings for the SRX728 and most of them chose 88.4Hz as a xo point but a couple were 81.1Hz. For the old SR4719A, The JBL techs often chose 80Hz.

    The SR4733A will sound no more than mediocre in passive mode and you really need to biamp it. I think you would benefit from an xo point that I have used with SR4732A's....I have been using 933Hz as a xo point between the 12" and the horn (933 is a number you can hit with a BSS Omnidrive....shoot for as close as possible with a DriveRack). I have had good results with this xo point and SR4726A as well (single 15"). If you dig deep enough in old JBL tunings, you will find one with this xo point...I didn't invent it.

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Sorry John...I've been here forever and it's tough enough to deal with new members ... not to mention ones we've dealt with in the past (there is no "way back" machine.. YET!)

    Kevin spent a couple years here helping out before his business took off and he hasn't had time to deal with this site...me... on the other hand has seen our area fallen into near anarchy as bar after bar has folded...I have been relegated to mobile sound for a local hot band... otherwise I sit on a TON of awesome audio equipment...

    Please, if you have a history here "say so"...and we can search out the past posts... otherwise, don't expect us to remember you...sorry I have been here nearly 10,000 posts...sorry if I didn't remember you..

    Dennis has the goods for you so pay attention. He has the measurement EQU, and experience to help... we are LUCKY to have him.. so give him his due.. I know I do...

  • John SJohn S Posts: 29
    Thanks, Gadget. And thanks, Dennis. That is very helpful info.

    I had "one of those days" today.... my intern overwrote my old sr files, client was "ready to go in 10 minutes" etc etc......so my apologies for being a little short with everyone concerning this topic.

    btw, been running an eaw jfl210 array. You were right, Gadget. Those boxes are very nice. I was really pushed toward the eaw dsp (which is also really nice), but the dr260 seems to do just fine with them at a much lower price point. The only thing i don't like about the jfl is that it's a constant curvature so you're limited in expansion.

  • kpippenkpippen Posts: 551
    John, Gadget and Dennis,

    I sincerely apologize for flying by and dropping a bomb... My post was uncalled for...

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Kinda like the old days huh kev...

    John, we had a rash of newbies coming in and wanting it all done for them.. our policy here is to help, but try and make sure you learn something in the process. A DSP can be a terrible thing in the wrong hands, and if you don't have a clue what your doing or why... well that isn't a good deal at all.

    No worries old friend, just good having you around again..

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