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Used 260 Question

ronedeeronedee Posts: 3
Hi Guys! I just bought a 260 used from a sound company. It's in great shape, but I'm always leary about purchases of this caliber and from a company that probably pushed it!

Obviously I'm new here and to the 260. My question... Is there a bench test to ensure that everything is functioning normally?

What would you be looking for as an alert that a 260 may have been abused (besides the obvious outside marks)?

I just pulled it from the box, and I'm just staring at "it", and the manual with excited, high expectations!

Thanks! Ron


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Assuming that it was not dropped, dunked, or fed speaker level signal it should be just fine. You did ask if there were any issues, right? If you are really, really concerned, DBX will run through paces and fix any problems for $100 or less (usually).
    Do a good burn in. Hook up a simple system and play music though it at low volume over night. If it glitches (frezzes, etc) it should present itself.


    PS - Curious, how much did you pay?
  • ronedeeronedee Posts: 3
    Hi Dra! Thanks for the info!

    I got it from a sound company in NJ, on Ebay for $510 including shipping.

    They said it was updated, and in excellent working condition. It has some top and bottom rack rash, but lights up and looks to be in good working condition. Their ebay feedback was excellent!

    The original papers, manual and warranty card were in the box! The serial number is 008xxx. I don't know if that is a good indication of its age? But I'm assuming there is no difference between 260's?

    I'd hate to send it back to dbx if I don't have to! That would negate a good chunk of my savings. But, I won't hesitate if necessary.

    I'll try your test tonight. And the "real" test this weekend!
  • I also recently bought a non-warrantied 260. I just played music through it, checked that all of the outputs actually did something, and then plugged a phantom-requiring mic. in and did an Auto EQ. Took about 20 minutes (and half of that was working out how little config I could get away with before an Auto EQ would work).

    With any digital gear, I figure it will either all work, or will fail pretty quick. (Not that a burn-in isn't useful - PSUs and other bits can overheat).
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I would (if it were me) do a hard reset and get it back to factory ground zero...Then run through a few setups and see how it sounds. It should make a big difference in any system...
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