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260 with yorkville

romvertromvert Posts: 2
Hey guys, really glad to finally be here.
I need some guidance on what the configuration would be to run two LS800P's and two EF500p's. All I need for now is stereo in, EQ, full range stereo out. I have not been able to find anything in the manual about how to turn the xover off. The system is powered and already crossed over.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Pretty simple actually..(not the way I would do it... but...)
    1. hopefully you are using the GUI, but either way press the [wizard] button and enter system setup
    2. select AFS and compressor, or whatever you want for your 2 inserts
    3. select 'custom' from the 'custom passive' for the tops
    4. select 'none' for subs
    5. select 'custom' for amps
    load the config
    press the [xover] button
    lower the HPF below the LS 800p low cutoff point (25 hz should do)
    make sure the LPF is set to out (or whatever you prefer) since that would allow the speakers to reproduce whatever they can...

    Personally I would bust them up and use the xovers in the Driverack to set the subs and tops up separately.. more control that way and you can independently set up the subs and tops with delay, xover, limiter, and PEQ's, which will give you far more control over the speakers.
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