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Invalid argument error

frank4dfrank4d Posts: 17
One more question if anyone has seen this:

I am unable to use the wizard because after all steps have been entered and I hit the Load Config button, I get an "Invalid argument..." error. This happens with any config I try. I have also removed and re-installed the latest application, as well as settings freshly downloaded from DBX. I am running the latest application and firmware and it stills happens everytime.

Any ideas?

Re: Windows XP, SP3, 2gigs of memory. Plenty of HD space.


  • mikejoeydbxmikejoeydbx Posts: 134
    Hi frank4d,

    Do you get this same prompt when completing the wizard in an offline (virtual) 260 device?
  • frank4dfrank4d Posts: 17
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    So, even with the DR260 disconnected ..running the GUI only (virtual mode) you get this message? What happens when you try a wizard setup on the 260 without the computer set connected?
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