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Connecting a Driverack PX to B52 ACT system

BraudyBraudy Posts: 2
edited July 2010 in Connectivity
Hi guys. I am new to the site, Pa systems and Driverack. How should I connect a Driverack PX to my B52 ACT1515X tops and ACT18x and ACT18s subs. The tops are 2x15's and are both powered. The subs are 1x18 with one being powered and the other a passive slave. Thanks in advance!


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I would probably start @ about 100hz LR24.. let the sub handle it's own HPF and the tops handle their own LPF.

    That is to say:
    set the HPF for the sub @30hz BW18
    set the LPF for the sub @ 100hz LR24

    set the HPF for the tops @ 100hz LR24

    Go to the Read me first section:
    and read about setting up your system and gain structure..
    and go to the FAQ section:
    make sure you read the stuff on Auto EQ..
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