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Help with AFS DR 260

Hi, I need help with the config on Auto Feedback Supresor

I use EON15G2 for conferences, speech, like 200 to 800 people, and some time use lavalier wireless mic, and people talk to low (YES I have headset but sometimes people dont like and only want lavalier).

I try to do the wizard AFS with 8 fixed mode, and 4 live, set on speech, but feedback problem contineu.

I try to leave more live feedback but only when it go to loud it´s detected, and dont know how to config?

I need to leave RTA conected or only for the Pink Noise and AFS config?

Thanks for help trying to make better my work...



  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Do you have the measurement mic? If not get one.. then get the system as flat as possible...then set up the AFs with 6 fixed and 6 roaming...filters... that is the way to eliminate the feedback if you are using Lav's.. that and find out how loud you can get before feedback (because no matter how well your system is tuned... if you get loud enough you WILL have feedback)
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