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SC 32 Questions

NJSoundguyNJSoundguy Posts: 6
edited August 2010 in SC 32 & SC 64
Hello again,

I have two questions. I have installed a SC32 on a boat. I have two basic scenes: one for a band and one for a DJ. The difference is just what inputs are being used. When I am in the band scene which is preset A on the ZC-3, and I shut the system off, it goes back into the DJ preset which is the second preset. I have to toggle to the DJ scene on the ZC then go back to the band preset and then it's fine. Is there any reason that the SC always goes back to the second preset when I power up the next time I use it.

Second question: Is there a specific file or settings for the JBL VRX 932 on the SC. I copied the settings that are made for the DriveRack 4800 but because the SC doesn't have the 48db/octave slopes the 4800 had I just used the highest slopes the SC had to offer.

Thanks again for your help
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