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480 drive rack help for 4 way crossover setting

DJ123DJ123 Posts: 9
I have a 480 drive rack i want to set up 4 way HI & HI MID & LOW MID & SUB
am looking for help to get a decent crossover settings for a 4 way system, give thanks


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    DennisDennis Posts: 801
    How about some details on your system?
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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    He sent them to my PM.. and seems to be getting antsy...
    Subject: DBX 480 drive rack connection to laptop help

    Gadget wrote:
    Sorry, been incredibly buried of late... I believe that the unit I have is Keyspan, but it's a couple of years old. The link I sent contains (other than Dennis's suggestions) all the "tested" units. I did not get a note out to Mike.. I will do so now.

    Gadget maybe u can help me set this 480 drive rack up manualy with out the pc, am running a 4 way system HI HI MID LOW MID and Bass

    for my HI am using a horn with a 2 inch B&C

    and for HI mid am using a 12 inch woofer and for Low Mid am using a 15 inch woofer
    and for bass am using a B&C 18 inch woofer tbx100 in a horn loaded scoop cabinet,
    I need to know the best crossover and EQ settings and compressor setting, if u can help thank you very much, right now its not sounding to good

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    ok here go some photos http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc12 ... ing011.jpg http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc12 ... ing012.jpg http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc12 ... -08012.jpg Gadget cant get the photo of the bass box up, but here is the plans http://speakerplans.com/index.php?id=18superscooper and the bass woofer

    NEW 18" High Power Woofer
    97dB SPL
    1,000 Watts AES Standard
    2,000 Watts Program
    35Hz - 1.0kHz
    4" Voice Coil
    Large Xmax of 10.0mm
    Ultra Clean Punchy Bass!
    here is the mic Shure SLX UHF Handheld Wireless Microphone System with Beta 87A this is the B&C Horn 2" Horn
    60°H x 40°V
    Cast Aluminum
    10.6"W x 9.3"H x 7.9"D
    800Hz Cutoff Frequency the is the B&C Hi driver for horn
    B&C DE75PTN

    2" Throat High Freq. Driver
    NEW Improved Power Handling
    8 Ohms - 107dB SPL
    110 Watts AES Standard
    220 Watts Program
    500Hz - 18kHz
    3.0" Voice Coil

    and the mid bass woofer is 1505-8BW
    15" Black Widow Woofer
    Sound Reinforcement Woofer
    8 ohm
    and the Hi mid woofer is 1201-8
    12" Black Widow Speaker
    8 ohms
    350 Watts Continuous Power (EIA RS-426A)
    700 Watts Program Power
    hope that help Gadget give thanks if u need more let me know
    also Gadget on my 480 input 1 & 2 is the HI MId HI and the Low Mid for out puts 1 2 3 4 5 6 and the input 3 & 4 is Lows for out put 7 & 8 long time ago some on on your site sent me the link for that to work like that I down loaded it to the 480
    the speakers do push out, the system use to sound perfect until a friend of mines change all the settings in crossover and eq and compressor, now the highs are to lound and dont sound the same mid is muddy, and subs playing with a mid hard sound, when it was set up i guess around 8 years ago when i purchase the 480 it was set up with pc, and now i cant set the settings do to no usb port on laptops no more. so if u can give the basic settings for a 4 way system for a horn, and mid hi, and mid low, and a basic setting for subs any horn loaded will get me in right direction, i been playing with settings and not as good as it sounds, also that 480 drive rack was the best sounding system in town, lot of people purchase that unit from hearing it on my sound Gadget, so if u can give me basic crossover settings for a four way system hi mid hi mid low sub, give thanks Gadget
    yes its a dj set up Gadget, yes that woofer works very good in scoop cabinets, they shake down the building to the drop cieling fall lol, those scoops and the 480 drive rack is a monster chest pounding bass, thats why am trying to get the right crossover and eq settings back, so if u can give me the basic crossover settings for a 4way system and basic eq settings for parametric for each 4 channels will help very much Gadget, give thanks

    I told him I am buried.. and EQ and Peq settings sight unseen... I don't think so, basic crossover settings... maybe, but these are proprietary cabs and it doesn't look like the appropriate driver for the cab were used...

    So, I am bushed, and interested in your thoughts...
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    DennisDennis Posts: 801
    Gadget wrote:
    He sent them to my PM.. and seems to be getting antsy...
    Yeah I got some PMs too.

    There is a whole lotta info here that I can't even follow up on so I am going to pull some numbers out of my butt. Some experimentation will be necessary. Let's start with:

    SUBS 40Hz BW18 - 100Hz LR24
    LO MID 100Hz LR24 - 250Hz LR24
    HI MID 250Hz LR24 - 1.2KHz LR24
    HIGH 1.2KHz LR24 - OUT

    On the high/hi mid xo point maybe experiment between 1 KHz and 1.3 KHz. Set all DriveRack outputs to unity. Zero out all EQ filters. Disable all limiters. Listen to some of the music you typically play through the system and report back with what is missing and/or what is excessive.

    Gadget, feel free to jump in and disagree.

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    DJ123DJ123 Posts: 9
    ok give thanks
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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Dennis, Those numbers look fine.. IF, I had the time right now I might have proposed the same ( or VERY close :mrgreen:) things.. (like minds and all)

    You have to understand that tuning a 2 way speaker is dicey... you can do a lot more damage if you don't know what your doing than just letting the passive crossover take care of the crossover...your trying to go 4 way and that has so many potential cans of worms that I can't even begin to tell you.. Dennis can. because he works with SMAART... but to tune a totally passive 4 way system... and get it right ... without the tools... your chances of getting it right are slim... unless you have some serious chops tuning systems without tools or years and years of experience.

    This is REALLY difficult...

    Gotta get some sleep... :|
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    DJ123DJ123 Posts: 9
    Gadget give thanks, no passive crossover in top end box every ting run straight from the drive rack 480 to speakers i only use the crossover on the 480 no passive in boxes each woofer is seperate, I hope that help give thanks again
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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I am not sure I understand what more you want? Dennis gave you all the settings we can really do sight unseen. Try those and see what happens.
    Gadget and Dennis
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