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DRPA+ with EVs 2 ZX4, 2 Mackies SRM450 and 1 Yamaha SW118V

astrofitoastrofito Posts: 5
edited September 2010 in PA Connectivity
Ok, first of all this lil piece of equipment is awesome!!! Used the Auto EQ to help me tame the room. And it worked wonders with just a lil tweaking. This is the best $400 that church has spent on anything!!! Anywho...

But this be my problem, first of all the wizard only works with a 2x4 Crossover setup, which really sucks!!! so, either my ZX4s sound very nice with the sub but the Mackies dont sound.

So I guess I could do the AutoEQ connecting one set of speakers and then try to copy settings and then do the same with the other set. Cumbersome indeed... Oh was forgetting the amps... this is the complete setup

2 EVs ZX4 connected to 2 Crown CE1000 in bridged mode each in the high bus
2 Mackies... built in amps in the mid bus
1 Yamaha SW118V connected to a QSC RMX1040 in bridged mode guess which bus?

I know this is not the optimum setup but I can only use what they have available in church. We just bought the Sub after much begging from my part and then we were forced to buy the DRPA+ since we didnt have a crossover and the eqs that we had in the setup were just rubbish.

I am pretty happy with my modified user setup but I know I can do better with the right settings.

Any help with settings will be greatly appreciated. Anything from amp settings (even tho I dont really think I can do anything about that in manual mode) or speakers tunnings or even crossover tunnings... I will take anything!!!!

I am a fan of this lil piece on wondrous machinery already and we have had it for less than a week.




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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Welcome Carlos!
    But this be my problem, first of all the wizard only works with a 2x4 Crossover setup, which really sucks!!! so, either my ZX4s sound very nice with the sub but the Mackies dont sound.

    What the heck are you talking about here? The wizard will work with anything from a 2x2 to a 2x6 setup...Just remember this...

    The DRPA looks at crossovers like they are complete speakers... that is to say, if you have a set of fullrange tops, low mid cabs and subs... it's a "bi-amp top with subs" and if you look at it from that perspective you'll have success with anything up to and including a stereo 3 way system...a 4 way or 5 way system is not possible. However, a mono FOH and one monitor send are possible with the DRPA.

    The "wizard process is a little screwy in my opinion.. it should go like this:
    1. System setup in the wizard...(enter the equipment you have)
    2. Evaluate the settings the system gives you, set the HPF and LPF manually because those from dbx are not always correct. make sure you set adjacent xover points in the same xover type ( like LR24, or BW 18/24 types)
    3. Then (assuming you have done a proper gain structure)... rough in the various components so they are roughly balanced SPL wise (this is where the DRPA+ goes into the second mode... balance set...)
    4. listen...play a good CD and make sure it sounds balanced and there is nothing that screams "fix me"
    5. Auto eq. Mic on the floor, one side of the system only, about 25' out (on axis).. if possible... mic aimed at the speaker
    More to follow...
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    Well, then the manual is really messed up. I can't find where to make it go with a 2x6 wizard. Everytime I start the wizard it goes to a 2x4 setup. No matter what I do. I have tried changing to a 2x6 preset and then starting the wizard but it always changes my configuration to a 2x4 so I assumed it only works on a 2x4 setup. How do I make the Wizard run in a 2x6 configuration? Again, the manual is really not good.


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Carlos... it doesn't look at like it's a 2x6...it looks at it like it's a stereo bi-amp tops and stereo subs = 2X6
    Stereo bi-amp tops and mono subs = 2X5 stereo bi-amp tops or passive stereo tops and stereo subs = a 2X4 setup, and stereo passive tops = 2X2...
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    OK, technically it is not a 2x6... but whenever I try the Wizard the mid send turns of and I only end up with the high and subs sends on, so my ZX4s sound, but not the Mackies which are connected to the mid sends. Is there a way I can run the wizard so the high, mids and subs are all engaged?

    Maybe I am missing something really simple in the process, but the manual just says run the wizard, but every time I do that, the mid sends get disengaged.

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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Carlos.. your not getting it...

    in the wizard...
    select stereo or mono> stereo
    select stereo or dual mono> stereo
    select tops> bi-amp
    select subs> stereo
    select speakers and amps... if they are in the wizard fine or select "custom" from the menu.. it matters not...

    load the preset by pressing the encoder...exit the setup by pressing the [preset] button

    press the crossover button set the HPF and LPF for the subs, set the bandpass filters for the 2 sets of tops...make sure to set the 2 sets to the same HPF as the subs LPF and the same filter type @ the xover point.
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    Oh.. OK, I get it... see that wasn't that hard was it? LOL... thanks for the patience... but see they are technically not biamped ;-)... but I see your point. Thanks for the help dude. I am sure I will come back with more menial questions in the future :-)
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    By the same token... If you have 3 sets of full range speakers in 3 rooms (zones) then you'd still set up a 2x6 (bi-amp tops and subs). Even though the Wixard thinks (ha) you are stupid for running subs all the way to 20Khz.

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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Now that's funny.. I can't breath I'm laughing so hard :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

    I think it was stupid to "dumb it down" like that...in the

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