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DAV-600 connection problems-I lost manual-anyone have hookup

IndianscoutIndianscout Posts: 6
edited September 2010 in Connectivity
I would appreciate any help how to hook it up and I lost my manual. Anyone have one to email? Thank you.
I also have a 224 series ll noise reduction that I don't know how to hook up to dav-600. Thanks for any help!!


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Ok, you need to provide a WHOLE lot more info for help here... you haven't given us anything to go on... If this is about the DAV-600.. it's just an AV switcher...right? whats the question?

    Both that and the 224 are VINTAGE gear that have been out of production for DECADES...
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    Yes It is a connection device that I have no idea how to use. Thanks
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    i don't know how to upload pics. I have 3 quad receivers(Sansui QRX-5500, Kenwood KR-9340, Pioneer QX-9900), two cassette decks, blu-ray player, sacd player, DBX 224 series ll noise reduction unit, Lafeyette sq decoder, Pioneer CD-4 decoder, Sony ps-p7x turntable, and a 42" LED HD TV. I want to hook up all of this if possible to the DAV-600. Is it possible?[img][/img]
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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    want to hook up all of this if possible to the DAV-600. Is it possible?
    This device is a simple switcher... made to make a bunch of tape recorder/players, VCR's, CD, and DVD players work with a single receiver..and to allow cross platform recording form one unit to another... NOT to feed three different receivers and NOT to support those converters.

    In order to giver you much if any help a list of what inputs and outputs the device has (I can see there is writing, but I cannot READ it) you will either need to type out what everything does, or take a hi-resolution digital picture of the units front and back... get a "Photobucket" account and post the pictures there, and then link to the pictures...

    Why 3 receivers?
    why the decoders?
    why the 224...tape noise reduction?
    Things like the turntable will need to be connected DIRECTLY to whichever receiver you want to settle on...and you'll need a pretty convincing argument why you'd want to use more than one...
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