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cordless microphone

suhaneesuhanee Posts: 4
How do i know how many wireless microphones i can use with one receiver? I'm trying to buy 3 cordless headworn mics that use transmitters, but I don't know if i need to buy 3 receivers, one for each mic. Please Help!!!
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  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Ok, Interesting place to post a question about wireless mics but I have some answers for you.

    Wireless mics can be set up to have multiple frequencies , but still only use one transmitter. This allows the mic to be usable in frequency congested area's.

    Other units can have 2,3, 4 or more transmitters that all are received by the same receiver. These are LISTED this way. Technically, you could take a cheap receiver and 2 or 3 mics on the same frequency and they would all come out of the receiver.. sort of... but the sound would be bad...you need dedicated frequencies... transmit and receive...for EACH mic, in order for it to work properly.

    Now DO NOT SKIP OVER THIS PART!!! It WILL mean the difference between a usable system and a pile of junk!

    :twisted: WARNING :twisted: Your government just gave away ALL the frequencies in the 700mz band (which includes up to 810mz) and gave them to the telecommunications...they ALSO are in the process of giving the rest up to (cohabitation) with high powered modem (through the walls and floors computer wireless communications. So, it's a crapshoot right now whether ANYTHING you buy will be worth anything in 6 months... your guess is as good as mine :roll:

    That said, you need to get a dealer that has a good understanding of the laws and wireless communications. then you will be hit by the incredible high price of some of those systems. I can tell you after researching this just recently...that the cheapest way is to get 3 separate units. UNLESS, you look at Nady. They have a few lines of mics that are inexpensive and they have a dual, and 4 unit receiver.

    Whatever you buy, be prepared to get a unit with at least 100 channels to choose from, for frequency congested areas. ANd there is NO such thing as a safe wireless purchase (unless you spend the big bucks for the new types being developed that don't use conventional broadcast techniques.

    sorry if you were looking for a simple solution :roll:
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