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Sabine Graphiq

fiddlerfiddler Posts: 16
Ok I've pretty much decided to go with a DriveRack 260 but I've been reading about the Sabine GraphiQ2 GRQ3122 and it also has the features I'm looking for. Does anyone here have any experience with it?

Plusses for the Sabine include a well written manual and software that seems more intuitive to me though I have no direct experience with either unit yet.

Plusses for the 260 include more outputs, which will probably be the deciding factor for me.

Roy Curet


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Inputs 2
    outputs 6
    HPF Variable, numerous slopes and types
    LR/BW/BS up to 48dB/oct

    LPF same as above
    FBX 6 filter types (variable Q), live filter
    lift, with variable hold time
    Compressor Auto,
    over easy, selectable #
    threshold , variable
    ratio, variable
    gain, variable
    Attack, variable
    hold, variable
    release, variable
    Limiter same as above

    Delay 2.7 sec fully re-distributable to
    inputs AND 6 outputs

    Crossover 1x1 to 2x6 crossovers, filters,
    bandpasses, LR/BW/BS slopes to
    48 dB/oct

    PEQ?GEQ 28 band GEQ (switchable) to 9 band
    PEQ + 4 PEQ's per output total
    42 PEQ's

    Control GUI Serial, one unit only GUI control up to 8 units at a time

    Graphic Eq small LCD or GUI (no tactile surface) actual faders you can touch (software control

    Inserts 2 selectable None
    sub harmonic synth
    notch filter

    Sabine GRQ2
    Input 2
    Outputs 2
    HPF variable xover point, fixed type and slope 12dB/oct

    LPF variable xover point, fixed type and slope 12dB/oct

    FBX 6 filter types (variable Q), live filter 2 filter types
    lift, with variable hold time

    Compressor Variable Ratio,threshold, gain

    Limiter ?

    Delay 1 sec distributed between ... 2 outputs?

    Crossover 1x2 BS/BW/LR (software only)

    PEQ?GEQ 31 band GEQ 12 available PEQ's per channel
    24 peq's

    Control GUI/ tactile control, up to 8 units at a time

    Graphic Eq actual faders you can touch (software control)

    Inserts None

    Auto Eq no

    That's some of the differences... On the PSW (Pro sound web)I have never seen ANYONE who has a Sabine unit post there... that is not to say that they are bad. I have heard good things about Sabine, just letting the features list speak for itself.

    I tried to make it a side by side graph type... but it didn't work...
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    In my opinion the Sabine is not a "System controller". It would be the bomb for monitor applications.

    It is not a true x-over. It only has filters that are high & low shelf.

    I'm not sure what market Sabine was going for, but it obviously is not the DriveRack market.

  • fiddlerfiddler Posts: 16
    Thanks Gadget and DRA, I appreciate your guidance.
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