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Fixed Nightclub Installation

DFerretDFerret Posts: 66
Hi all, and thanks for the forum!

I'm a nightclub owner who is looking for better sound. I've been reading this site for about a week...long enough to know I don't know anything about what I thought I did :mrgreen: .

We have a decent sound system to start with...

(4) JBL SRX 715 w/ Crown XTi 6000
(2) EV15 w/ Crown 800 CSL
(2) JBL SRX 718S Subwoofers w/ Crown Macro_Tech 5000VZ

Behringer Compressor/Limiter & Crossover, dbx 231 EQ and a small Behringer mixer (XENYX 1002B) to run it all to our CD, MP3 players, etc.

I'm sold on the idea of scrapping the EQ, Comp/Limiter, Crossover for a single piece like the Driverack, but...

I want to keep it simple...do I really want the 260, or is the DRPA a better fit for me? I've read about SMAART and how helpul it is in making changes, but my sound system won't really need changes once it's set up (until something breaks anyway).

I don't host any live music or performances, only DJ'd music. The only mic is the DJ which is minimal.

The club is about 5,000 sq ft and will hold 500 people at a time. The speakers are split in half, each half covering one side of the club, each half facing each other over the dancefloor (JBL SRX715's-40 ft apart-angled down 30 degrees towards the dancefloor-12 ft high-2 on each side of the dancefloor, JBL SRX718's-70 ft apart on the concrete floor-2 ft above the sunken wooden dancefloor finish level-bridged mono, and the EV15's-90 ft apart at the end's of the building-10 ft high-angled 20 degrees down).

Thanks again for your input.



  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I am partial to the 260, but the DRPA+ would suit you well, also.

  • DFerretDFerret Posts: 66

    Thanks for the reply. Are you a mobile DJ? I see the equipment listed in your signature.

    I know this question gets asked alot, the 260 vs the DRPA, but it's not a matter of money for me, just a matter of my sanity, lol...I don't want to become a sound engineer...I just want my system to sound...cleaner.

    I guess maybe my question should be which one is easier to set up, in my particular situation?

    Thanks again, Rob
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Hi Rob,
    Yes the 260 offers the BOMB of functions but in your case I would get the DRPA+ and invest in the measurement mic (under $100). (get the Rational Acoustics(( http://www.rationalacoustics.com/store/ ... a-420.html)) RTA40 mic)

    Now, that said, the difference it will make (even without SMAART ability) will make you smile...and it's NOT a huge investment in time OR money....YES the SMAART platform in the hands of a trained professional WILL make a difference, but in your case it will me minimal (and WAY less expensive than having a professional come in and tune the system for you).

    Go to the FAQ section:
    and find the AUTO EQ posts and system tuning posts and impliment the processes that are tried and true that will give you the end result you seek....it's all there...

    I am a mobile DJ. Karaoke and live sound professional of more than 40 years, and a Driverack user for nearly 10 years...I have multiple systems, have had multiple installs as well as mobile systems during that period. I believe in the Driverack platform, have most of their processors and use them almost daily.

  • DFerretDFerret Posts: 66
    Thanks Gadget,

    But I already bought the 260 :oops: :) !!!

    It was one of your posts that made me do it, lol. You had described the difference between the $5k DR and the 260, as similar to the difference between the DRPA and the 260 8) .

    I'll just have to suck it up if it's a little more involved, haha. The GUI sounds pretty cool anyway :mrgreen: .
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Hey you certainly didn't screw up... The GUI alone is worth the price of admission...Get the mic though...it makes all the difference in a 'user/versus pro" system.
    Have fun! were always here..
  • DFerretDFerret Posts: 66
    Yep, I'm already on it.

    And thanks again for all your help. I've been reading for days and days...I definitely found the right place :) .
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