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Monitors with DRPA and DRPA+

bagotrixbagotrix Posts: 6
edited October 2010 in Connectivity
I am fortunate to have a DRPA and a DRPA Plus. We play classic rock in mostly small to medium size situations. I would like to run a seperate monitor mix from the main mix to control feedback on stage and get more out of the monitors.We play to 50-200 people usually inside mostly. What would be the ideal hookup for monitor control using both driveracks. Can you get seperate monitor mixes using a driverack for the monitors and a seperate one for the mains. Thanks. Equipment:

4- peavy 12in wedge monitors
yamaha mg166 mixer
1 samson sx1800 amp
1- crown xl 804 amp
2-Carvin 12in w/horn(We have never used these but would in larger venue)
2- crate pm 15 w/2in horn tweeter
2-yorkville 18" subs(in process of getting now- have not used)
1- Midiverb4
1-Furman Power Conditioner


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    You have two 2-channel units that is 4 total "mixes". Assuming that you use 2 channels for FOH that leaves 2 mixes for monitors. If you are mono FOH then you could have 3 mixes available (but one mix would be limited in effectiveness, but doable).

    Anyway, let talk 2 mixes for monitors.
    Set up a stereo full range (2x2). This allows you to have separate left and right GEQs. Everything else is linked, such as... AFS, filters, PEQs and limiters, but that is OK, all things considered.

    You can set up to have separate filters, PEQ's, and limiters, if you are up to a more complicated process, but we'll leave that for later once you grasp the easier one.

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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    To get 2 GEQ's you need to specify stereo, and then dual mono in the wizard.
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Thanks for the clarification. Forgot to mention the dual mono.

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