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Using a 260 with Yorkville U15/LS808 Mains & QSC PLX's

Rich G.Rich G. Posts: 7
Greetings!... 1st post here... though I'm a long time user of ProSoundWeb.

I just got a 260 as an upgrade to the DRPA I've been using for about 6 or 7 years. I'm looking for recommendations on setting up my system using the 260.

For mains I have 2 Yorkville U15's with 2 LS808 Subs.

I have the following amps available:
1 QSC PLX2402
1 QSC PLX3002
1 QSC PLX3402
2 QSC PLX1804

FOH Board is Presonus SL16.4.2

With my existing DRPA system I have a 3402 running the U15's in stereo and the 3002 running both subs in bridged mono. Crossover is set at 100 Hz. Gain of each band is 0db. Board is AH MixWix. Mons are run off a 2402 and an 1804. I have one less 1804 with this system.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915

    Hmmm are you saying you are going to have 2 systems...the same speakers but with different amp racks? I guess I'm kinda confused.

    As far as I know, no one here has the Yorkie U15's. I have some Elite 2204's and Dra has some Elite E 12 and SW 800's but there are a lot more users with them on the PSW...

    Not saying were not willing to take a whack at it though ...

    Are you considering bi_amping the U15?

  • I'll just have one main system with a pair of U15's & LS808's. I'm replacing the DRPA with a 260 and I'm considering bi-amping the U15's. I have enough amps to do so. If, however, there is no sonic benefit to bi-amping the U15 then I'll just use a 3402 on them like before.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    There are MAJOR benefits to bi-amping.

    I'd put the 2 1804's on the subs bridged (a little overkill but you will have some headroom

    the 3402 on the lows of the u15

    The 2402 on the highs on the u15

    Since the U15 are a bit weak in the lows.. I'd probably raise the HPF to 118hz LR24... that for the Subs LPF... that way the tops will have more guts with less power...

    Set an HPF of 45hz BW18for the subs...(protection)

    The crossover is listed as 300 hz for the tops.. when you get closer let me know and we'll take it from there...

  • 1804's aren't bridgeable so that puts the bridged 3002 back on the parallel LS808's.

    I could dedicate the two 1804's to monitor duty.

    I just posted my question to PSW to see what input I get there. Lots of great people over there- and here as well. Just thought I'd ask here first as the question is pretty dbx 260 specific.
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